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Ben2005-01-08"I jumped in the water and I got wet!" 
Ben2004-08-19"Next time ..." 
Ben2006-04-11"Pay up or get out" Comments
Ben2007-09-12"Petty Tyrants" indeed Comments
Ben2005-01-09"Pssst. Hey kid, you wanna hit of shareware?" 
Ben2004-10-18"Tax the Rich" Kerry's wife releases partial 1040 form. 
Nate2008-02-24#4 Baby! Comments
Ben2012-03-01#EFAD Comments
Ben2005-04-06$2 bills lead to man's arrest 
Ben2008-05-01'I'm not dead yet. I feel much better...' -- US Economy Comments
Ben2004-06-21'Ihre papiere, bitte!' 
Ben2011-08-02'Israeli-Style' airport screening Comments
Ben2010-02-07'Shooters' by W.E.B. Griffin Comments
Ben2004-11-11'Smart' guns: Dumb idea! 
Ben2008-06-07*gurgle* Comments
Ben2006-05-301,028 .45s on the wall ... Comments
Ben2011-11-1111/11/11 11:11:11 Comments
Ben2004-10-29377 tons of missing explosives 
Nate2005-12-0950/50 Chance? Comments
Ben2008-06-25Heller decision slated for tomorrow Comments
Ben2007-09-05Reductio ad absur ... what, seriously? Comments
Ben2004-06-09Serenity movie dialog sample 
Nate2005-06-01A 21st centruy chastity belt 
Ben2004-07-01A bet taken a little too far ... 
Ben2004-07-29A busy week 
Ben2009-06-09A conversation between a client, Ben and a major vendor Comments
Ben2008-11-07A few photos from Jamaica Comments
Nate2005-10-11A FUNDAMENTAL right? Comments
Ben2010-11-03A gift to Nate Comments
Nate2007-09-21A good day for Richard Paey Comments
Nate2005-11-03A Lesson from the Talkmaster himself. Comments
Ben2007-10-19A penny saved ... Comments
Ben2008-02-08A proper, non-violent solution to my post from yesterday Comments
Ben2007-09-22A Reign of Terror in Gotham Comments
Michael2004-12-15A Special Day 
Ben2008-03-25A tale of two servers Comments
Ben2011-05-04A thought on local politics Comments
Ben2006-09-25Aaaaaaaaaand they're off! Comments
Ben2005-09-12ABC airs al-Quaida threat Comments
Ben2006-06-06About to take the plunge Comments
Ben2008-10-10Absolutely awesome Comments
Ben2006-03-09Absolutely hilarious commercial Comments
Ben2009-02-13Accident update Comments
Nate2005-01-10ACLU Argues For A Stay 
Ben2008-02-15Adding "View Source" to Outlook Web Access Comments
Ben2011-10-27Adelle Comments
Ben2013-01-11Adelle in the snow Comments
Ben2012-03-09Adelle's Rifle Comments
Ben2006-04-21Adventures in Credit Comments
Ben2010-04-07Air compressor repair Comments
Ben2010-08-23Air Traffic Control loves Biden Comments Comments
Ben2006-01-12Alito hearings Comments
Ben2005-02-12Am I the only one that thinks this would be fun? 
Nate2004-07-08Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? 
Ben2005-02-11AMAZING NEWS! 
Nate2005-08-09America needs a big chill pill 
Ben2005-04-22American Teacher in Japan 
Michael2005-01-12Amish Teen Electrocuted in Ohio 
Ben2005-06-15Amusing Google searches 
Ben2005-06-10Amusing insect webpage 
Ben2004-06-10Amusing Photoshop 
Ben2005-03-01An armed society is a polite society. 
Ben2009-03-23An excellent weekend. Comments
Ben2013-11-19An idea whose time has come: Franks Red Hot Salt Comments
Ben2011-03-22An important announcement Comments
Ben2009-04-24An interesting perspective Comments
Ben2007-02-26An odd day Comments
Ben2012-12-18And so it goes .... Comments
Nate2005-06-10And some people want to raise taxes? 
Ben2008-03-20And there was much rejoicing. Comments
Ben2008-07-22Annual review Comments
Ben2006-01-17Anonym.OS Comments
Ben2005-08-30Another church shooting - 5 killed Comments
Ben2009-07-05Another Fantastic Weekend Comments
Michael2004-12-29Another reason why I won't go to the UK 
Nate2007-04-10Another story from Eurabia. Comments
Ben2008-02-06Another undersea cable cut in mideast Comments
Ben2005-08-16Another victory against Terrorism Comments
Ben2011-06-06Another year, another neighborhood shootout Comments
Ben2007-05-30Anti-gun Pastor Endorses Politically Motivated Murder Comments
Ben2008-02-05Anyone going to be near Maine in March? Comments
Ben2006-11-25APPLE PIE ICE CREAM! Comments
Ben2008-06-05Are they serious? In America? Comments
Ben2006-01-28Are you being censored? Comments
Ben2008-09-26Are you kidding me? THR going to court. Comments
Nate2008-11-26Are you smarter than your politician? Comments
Ben2004-09-29Arrived safely 
Ben2004-09-13Assault Weapons Flood Streets! 
Ben2006-03-25ATF action in Tennessee Comments
Ben2005-07-16ATF screwing importers over 
Nate2007-08-31Attorney General Comparison Comments
Ben2005-03-17Automated systems in government - how much is too much? 
Ben2005-07-27Avians in mourning 
Ben2011-02-22Avtomat Kalashnikov de la Papier-mâché Comments
Ben2004-08-13Away for the weekend 
Ben2009-02-19Awesome final panel of Schlock Mercenary today Comments
Ben2005-07-15Awesome resource. 
Nate2005-07-28Back Alley Waxing? 
Nate2007-10-15Back from Knob Creek Comments
Ben2008-05-09Back to the Track Comments
Ben2006-06-19Back up Comments
Ben2006-12-02Backscatter technology Comments
Ben2009-10-12Bad budgeting skills Comments
Ben2007-12-25Bah humbug Comments
Ben2008-12-11Bailout - Tam knocks it out of the park Comments
Ben2010-02-03Ballard continues to remove all doubt Comments
Ben2004-05-11Banana terror 
Ben2009-03-04Bannock Comments
Ben2009-01-08Barack Obama's recent press conference Comments
Nate2006-02-24Basic truths about Jack Bauer Comments
Ben2006-04-14BATFE Finally Cracks Down on Ninja Scourge Comments
Ben2008-01-24Battle Hymn of the Decline of the Republic Comments
Ben2008-09-22Be sure of your target *AND WHAT IS BEHIND IT* Comments
Ben2007-02-14Be sure to check out the picture of the day! Comments
Ben2008-09-16Beanbag toss scores are in Comments
Ben2008-02-29Benny White Comments
Ben2006-11-15BenSwenson Wiki Comments Abroad Comments update Comments - temporary header Comments
Ben2008-08-12Best bill I've gotten in a while Comments
Ben2007-01-05Best darn "after you shoot" missive I've ever read. Comments
Nate2005-06-21Better be careful Ben. 
Ben2004-12-22Big bank robbery in Northern Ireland 
Ben2004-05-20Big Brother has a name ... 
Ben2005-12-24Big Brother is driving with you Comments
Ben2008-04-07Big data file Comments
Ben2004-06-19Big meteor hits down under 
Ben2006-01-27Big news. Comments
Ben2007-04-04Big project goes live Comments
Ben2009-02-11Big Rig Derby Comments
Nate2004-07-27Big-hearted Biker 
Ben2009-07-21Bikes! Comments
Ben2005-09-03Bill to tax internet porn proposed Comments
Ben2010-12-01Birthday knife Comments
Ben2004-09-29Bis dann! 
Ben2006-02-18Black history month Comments
Ben2008-12-20Blockbuster - again Comments
Ben2008-12-04Blockbuster vs. Netflix Comments
Ben2008-11-04Bloody wonderful Comments
Ben2006-03-02Blue laws in Indiana Comments
Ben2011-01-17Bob Angel: Fake Navy Seal Comments
Ben2004-12-24Boeing launches huge test rocket 
Ben2005-08-18Bombers going for a record Comments
Ben2005-03-16Bono's latest idea ... 
Ben2008-06-17Book Pimping Comments
Ben2008-10-05Book Review: Anathem Comments
Ben2008-10-06Book Review: Night of Thunder Comments
Ben2008-02-07Border crossings with electronic devices Comments
Ben2009-01-09Bourne Ultimatum - movie review Comments
Ben2008-03-01breakfast Comments
Ben2005-03-06Breakin' the law ... 
Ben2004-05-17Breaking news - military aircraft collision in Indiana 
Ben2011-08-09BREAKING NEWS: Lowering taxes stimulates the economy Comments
Ben2011-06-17Breaking silence Comments
Ben2006-09-13Brief history of Comments
Ben2004-11-07Brief server downtime 
Ben2006-06-18Brilliant deduction, Sherlock! Comments
Ben2007-11-06Brilliant idea! Comments
Ben2010-01-19Brown wins in Massachusetts Senate Race Comments
Ben2006-04-25Bullets Comments
Ben2007-02-28Burn baby burn! Comments
Nate2005-12-02But I don't smoke... Comments
Ben2009-01-11Bwaaahahahahahaha! Somali pirates drown. Comments
Ben2007-03-10BWAHAHAHAHA! Comments
Ben2009-01-22C# is fun Comments
Ben2012-04-11Caine's Arcade Comments
Ben2009-07-13Camp Outreach Comments
Ben2012-05-01Camping report Comments
Ben2004-08-13Can you name all 53 states? 
Nate2005-07-22Capitalism or big-money socialism? 
Ben2006-03-18Cara's new pantry Comments
Ben2008-07-30Carb day Comments
Ben2008-08-14Carb Fun Comments
Ben2008-08-21Carb fun (Part 2) Comments
Ben2004-10-23Careful, kids 
Ben2006-08-26Cars Comments
Ben2006-08-28Cars ... again. Comments
Ben2007-10-18Cash is King ... er ... Queen ... er ... Jack ... Comments
Ben2005-08-26CCW Holder Intervenes at a New Mexcio Wal-Mart Comments
Ben2009-06-19Change is not a direction Comments
Ben2009-02-02Change means never having to pay your taxes. Comments
Ben2008-11-06Change we can believe in Comments
Ben2006-09-07Channel 8 Comments
Ben2004-06-15Cheney's Undisclosed Location Disclosed 
Ben2010-07-29Chimney Tops trail Comments
Ben2008-12-27Chipping away Comments
Nate2006-12-12Christianity meets Grand Theft Auto Comments
Ben2007-11-20Chuck quote Comments
Ben2006-01-18Chupaqueso! Comments
Ben2007-08-20Clarification Comments
Ben2004-12-28Clarification for yesterday's personal news item 
Ben2004-09-20Class complaint 
Ben2009-12-06Clean record Comments
Nate2005-06-16Click it or Ticket 
Nate2009-08-21Clunker Health Care  Comments
Ben2004-09-09CNN's report on the Russian school attack 
Ben2004-07-15Coca-Cola and the NSA 
Ben2010-12-21Col. Swenson's swag Comments
Nate2010-02-19Come March On Washington DC with me Comments
Ben2006-06-25Coming home Comments
Ben2004-05-10Coming weekend get-together. 
Michael2005-09-26Commando Gerbil! Comments
Ben2008-08-19Computer Science: An Iraqi Perspective Comments
Ben2009-06-28Congratulations Alex and Elyse! Comments
Nate2010-08-11Congratulations Evan, Chantelle, and the rest of Session 63!  Comments
Ben2008-10-07Congratulations Katie and Dan! Comments
Ben2008-06-04Congratulations Michael Comments
Ben2009-11-21Congratulations Michael and Therese! Comments
Ben2007-02-28Congratulations Nate! Comments
Ben2011-03-29Congratulations to Evan and Chantelle! Comments
Ben2008-07-08Congratulations, Congress! Comments
Ben2007-12-01Congratulations, Nate! Comments
Ben2004-08-27Contemptuous pity 
Ben2004-06-03Contextless news quote of the day 
Ben2007-02-28Cool image software Comments
Ben2010-07-30Cool it Comments
Nate2005-10-06Could this be a new sport? Comments
Ben2007-12-15Creche Cannon Comments
Ben2009-11-07Culinary thoughts for today Comments
Ben2005-01-17Cute, but prophetic 
Ben2004-06-18Damned if you do... 
Nate2004-06-21Dang someone beat us to it. 
Nate2004-10-06Dang! And I was just putting the finishing touches on my Menards built shuttle. 
Ben2008-12-17Darn it Comments
Ben2008-02-20Darn right ... Comments
Ben2007-11-02Darth Abdulla Comments
Ben2007-05-17Day at the track Comments
Ben2007-05-17Day at the track part II Comments
Ben2006-06-27Day by Day Cartoon Comments
Michael2005-07-25Day by Day Error 
Ben2005-05-06Daylight Saving Time versus Standard Time 
Ben2007-03-09DC Gun Ban struck down! Comments
Ben2009-04-13Dead pirates update Comments
Ben2006-04-09Dead Tree Schlock Comments
Nate2005-01-19Dear Alberto Gonzales...KISS MY ASS!!! 
Nate2005-01-19Dear FBI...KISS MY ASS! 
Ben2004-08-09Death by terminal stupidity 
Ben2008-02-14Definition of ungrateful Comments
Ben2011-03-29Delicious Fruit Update Comments
Ben2006-10-16Democrat filmmaker rips on Democrats Comments
Ben2006-10-24Depressing... Comments
Nate2004-07-06Despite what the NY Post would lead you to believe... 
Ben2007-03-03Deutchland uber Mond! Comments
Ben2006-07-19Did you know? (ATF) Comments
Ben2006-11-07Did you vote today? Comments
Ben2006-02-08Digital camera - down and out Comments
Nate2004-05-25Does this seem like a bad idea to any one else? 
Ben2005-03-08Don't do this, kids ... 
Ben2008-04-02Donations Comments
Ben2008-02-12DOWNTIME ALERT Comments
Ben2008-08-15Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog Comments
Ben2008-06-25Drunk wheelchairing? Comments
Ben2009-04-17Dumb movie alert Comments
Ben2007-05-10Dumb quotes for the day Comments
Ben2008-04-14E85 Evaluation Comments
Ben2008-07-07Eagle's Nest Comments
Ben2009-02-16Editorial Shown to be Utter Bologna by Area Blog Comments
Ben2007-12-19Eeeeeeeeevil knives Comments
Ben2012-10-30Elementary Noir Comments
Nate2004-10-20Elk in Indiana? 
Ben2008-09-19Email from Cara's favorite Congressman Comments
Ben2009-12-18Email to Mayor Greg Ballard Comments
Ben2005-02-25Eminent Domain for Fun and Profit 
Ben2004-08-03Encouraging behavior from meth-makers 
Ben2006-10-17EU trying to regulate Internet video - we continue to approach the end of the frontier. Comments
Ben2007-06-27Evan and Jon's Golf Cart Comments
Ben2006-11-02Eventful day Comments
Ben2005-12-08Ever make a joke you really, really wish you hadn't made? Comments
Ben2005-07-23EVERYONE to have to change their DST schedules 
Ben2013-05-31Excel Random Selection update Comments
Ben2006-06-08Exchange Comments
Ben2008-08-06Exchange, spam and other notes Comments
Ben2008-09-18ExitReality Comments
Ben2006-08-01Experimental hardware Comments
Ben2010-03-11Explain please Comments
Ben2010-10-03Explain, please Comments
Ben2005-08-19Explosion reported in Downtown San Francisco Comments
Ben2005-08-14Explosives Truck Blows Up 
Ben2012-04-06FA-18 crash Comments
Ben2006-08-18Fair tax questions Comments
Nate2008-03-06Fair Tax Webinar Comments
Ben2008-01-07FairTax - Point of Contention Comments
Ben2008-01-04FairTax research Comments
Ben2006-09-17Fantastic day Comments
Ben2008-09-05Fascinating conversation Comments
Ben2006-07-12FBI wants to effectively eliminate internet security Comments
Ben2005-03-03Finally - Indiana democrats do something worthwhile! 
Ben2004-06-29Finally - real solutions for world peace. 
Ben2009-12-01Finally a personal solution to spam Comments
Nate2007-03-12Finally DONE!!! Comments
Ben2009-03-12Finally fixed the truck Comments
Ben2005-03-30Finally saw Waco: Rules of Engagement. 
Ben2010-07-21Finally someone calls out the History Channel Comments
Ben2007-09-17Finally! Comments
Ben2006-08-30Finally! Google indexes my website. Comments
Ben2005-05-25Firefly news. 
Ben2006-07-01Firefly scene I'd like to see Comments
Ben2008-02-21First post from new phone Comments
Ben2004-09-15First public deployment of forum software 
Ben2006-09-11Five years ago Comments
Ben2007-09-04Floors nearly finished. Comments
Ben2004-09-22Florida trip 
Ben2008-09-23For the last time, Mr. Obama ... Comments
Ben2010-08-26For thee, not for me Comments
Ben2011-02-11For thee, not for me: Pt 1241 Comments
Ben2006-09-26For those who didn't know ... Comments
Ben2006-10-19For those who still have faith in the space frontier ... Comments
Ben2004-10-01Force multiplier 
Ben2005-09-09Foreign aid Comments
Ben2008-08-01Fort Liberty Firearms Comments
Ben2008-06-27Fort Liberty Firearms in Avon Comments
Ben2004-08-31Fortune Cookie for Today 
Ben2006-03-01Found this interesting tidbit ... Comments
Ben2009-06-05Fountain Pens Comments
Ben2005-11-16Fox 59 report on Indiana gun permit holders Comments
Ben2007-10-15Freaking hilarious comic Comments
Ben2005-08-31Free Opera registration Comments
Ben2006-02-04Freedom of Kind Speech Comments
Nate2006-02-28Freedom of Speech at college? Comments Comments
Ben2010-10-13Fresh Baked Bread Comments
Ben2005-08-25Frogs surrender to frogs Comments
Ben2008-12-09From the land of HopeChange Comments
Ben2008-07-03From Comments
Ben2008-08-08Froo-froo coffee drinks Comments
Ben2008-11-04Fun election news Comments
Ben2010-06-15Fun evenings Comments
Ben2005-08-23Fun website for the day ... Comments
Ben2006-08-07Fun with AOL Comments
Ben2009-06-22Fun with Flats Comments
Ben2004-09-21Fun with the SSA 
Ben2006-11-06Fun with utility payments Comments
Ben2006-07-08Fun with voicemail! Comments
Ben2004-08-24Funniest shooting picture ever 
Ben2004-08-23Funny Ebay auction 
Ben2008-02-05Funny mistatement Comments
Ben2004-11-17Funny picture for the day 
Ben2004-09-24Funny warning label 
Ben2005-12-20Futurama Relaunch? Comments
Ben2004-10-22Future posts here 
Ben2012-05-02Games For Windows Live is terrible and has no redeeming qualities Comments
Ben2006-06-09Gander Mountain carries AR-15s? Comments
Ben2008-05-16Gas price Moratorium Comments
Ben2004-10-21Getting Stoned in India 
Ben2007-07-11Glasgow Attack Suspect Dying Comments
Ben2010-11-02Go vote. Comments
Ben2004-11-12Gone huntin' 
Ben2005-11-12Gone hunting Comments
Ben2004-12-27Good deed for the year and personal news. 
Ben2005-12-05Good news on the email front Comments
Ben2013-04-29Good night, old girl Comments
Ben2006-01-03Good ol' politicians Comments
Nate2005-04-19Good old Uncle Ted. 
Ben2005-07-12Good Parenting 
Ben2008-12-22Good Shoot Comments
Ben2006-02-06Google AdSense Comments
Ben2006-09-27Google Analytics Comments
Ben2008-09-03Google Chrome Comments
Ben2006-08-31Google Goodness Comments
Ben2005-11-30Google images and my server usage Comments
Ben2007-05-31Google street view Comments
Ben2009-10-26Google Wave Invites Comments
Ben2004-05-26Gore wants resignations 
Ben2008-08-29Governor Palin as VP Comments
Ben2010-01-25Great day at Serenity Valley Comments
Ben2010-06-25Guess what day it is? Comments
Ben2006-04-05Gun control is Bullshit. Comments
Ben2007-04-23Gun Laws: Part 551523547884 Comments
Ben2011-07-29Gun not included Comments
Ben2007-03-20Gun PSA. Comments
Ben2008-07-09Gun refinishing (image heavy) Comments
Nate2005-04-28Gun-seizure bill a tribute to slain officer. 
Ben2010-04-23Gunfire Comments
Ben2013-05-07Guns in school zones! Comments
Ben2005-11-08Guns in today's comics Comments
Ben2008-04-23Hackers Nuke Czech Republic Comments
Ben2007-07-20Handguns in Parks Comments
Ben2010-01-22Handy Excel Macro - Random Selection of X Number of Records Comments
Ben2006-10-05Handy Gadgets Comments
Ben2008-09-24Happy anniversary, Nate and Beth! Comments
Ben2006-05-18Happy birthday to Nate! Comments
Ben2010-11-10Happy birthday USMC Comments
Ben2010-11-29Happy birthday! Comments
Ben2004-05-18Happy Birthday, Nate! 
Ben2008-07-04Happy Fourth of July Comments
Ben2006-07-04Happy fourth of July! Comments
Ben2012-02-29Happy leap day! Comments
Ben2006-05-14Happy Mother's Day Comments
Nate2008-04-23Happy Tax Freedom Day! Comments
Ben2008-01-16Hasty judgements Comments
Ben2008-11-11Have you thanked a veteran today? Comments
Ben2005-08-29Hawaii to enforce cap on price of gas. Comments
Ben2006-10-14Headed home Comments
Ben2007-07-26Headlines ... Comments
Michael2005-12-15Healthy Volunteers for Study Comments
Ben2010-06-30Hear the lamentations of the women! Comments
Ben2007-03-07Hearts, clovers and balloons it is not. Comments
Ben2008-06-26Heller Comments
Nate2007-04-24Help Me Understand Comments
Nate2009-02-24Help NASA Comments
Michael2005-04-12Highway Sign Tells Drivers to Speed Up 
Ben2005-12-27Hmmm ... curiouser and curiouser. Santa in school. Comments
Ben2006-04-28Hollywood does Rand Comments
Ben2006-06-05Hollywood meets reality ... and wins. Comments
Ben2008-10-22Home soon Comments
Ben2006-03-23Hooray for castle doctrine! Comments
Ben2006-12-27Hooray! Comments
Ben2004-06-25Hoosiers react quietly to memoir 
Ben2008-02-17Hosting Comments
Ben2012-06-08Hosting changes Comments
Ben2004-08-12Hot clerics 
Ben2007-01-15House buying ... Comments
Ben2005-07-22House votes to make Patriot permanent 
Ben2005-05-24Housing News 
Ben2005-01-05How about today? 
Ben2008-04-24How did I get here? Comments
Nate2006-12-06HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Comments
Ben2008-06-03How did that happen? Comments
Ben2010-07-06How do you capsize a paddleboat? Comments
Ben2005-08-06How far? 
Ben2008-11-21How many suspicious deaths will we see? Comments
Ben2006-12-14How not to train for a terrorist attack ... Comments
Ben2008-01-03How on earth did they get funding for this? Comments
Ben2005-09-04How would you like to test this? Comments
Ben2012-06-20Huge news about Fast and Furious Comments
Ben2005-02-21Hunter S. Thompson is dead 
Ben2008-11-14Hunting Comments
Ben2010-11-25Hunting stories Comments
Ben2011-02-10Huntington Bank fun and games Comments
Ben2009-02-18Huzzah! Good news! Blend Door Repair on my 2003 Ford Explorer Comments
Nate2005-01-15I am not even going to comment on this one. 
Nate2004-11-10I ask you, who is the victim here? 
Michael2005-02-16I didn't even know it was possible... 
Ben2006-08-11I didn't expect to read this today. Comments
Ben2006-12-01I don't know why I feel the need to do this ... Comments
Ben2009-08-07I don't like Obama's socialist healthcare plan Comments
Nate2004-11-29I have been wondering about this myself. 
Ben2006-12-04I have fans? Comments
Ben2009-02-23I have made fire! Comments
Ben2009-03-09I have made FIRE! Again. Comments
Nate2004-10-06I know this barley qualifies as news, but I told Ben I would try to get some news up. 
Ben2007-05-23I know, I know ... Comments
Ben2006-06-22I need a vacation Comments
Ben2006-01-11I should have been a spy. Comments
Michael2005-12-13I think I saw this outside Ben's apartment... Comments
Ben2004-10-18I won't even comment on this article. 
Ben2007-01-10I'm a skeptic Comments
Nate2008-04-27I'm Back! Comments
Michael2005-05-07I'm confused... 
Ben2007-04-27I'm hoping that this news report is a hoax. Comments
Ben2005-08-15I'm not even going to link to this. 
Nate2005-02-24I'm not not licking toads. 
Ben2008-08-04I'm torn ... Comments
Ben2008-01-23I've been wondering about this ... Comments
Ben2005-03-21Icelanders want Fischer 
Ben2007-01-04Identify this material Comments
Ben2010-11-17Idiocy, thy name is Government Comments
Ben2006-12-07IED Hunter Comments
Ben2007-12-07If it's not one thing ... Comments
Ben2004-08-11If only guns were illegal ... 
Ben2009-08-12Ignorance of the law Comments
Ben2005-01-07Ihre papiere, bitte. 
Ben2006-08-03Illegal immigration Comments
Nate2004-08-05Illinois GOP offers Senate nod to Alan Keyes 
Ben2005-11-29Image hosting idea Comments
Ben2005-12-06Image Hosting Script Comments
Ben2008-06-22Image upload enhancement Comments
Ben2006-05-17In a word ... yes. Comments
Ben2012-03-05In case you missed it the first time ... Comments
Ben2008-11-04In line ... Comments
Ben2010-07-07Inconsistent Defintions Comments
Ben2006-07-11India taking rocket advice from North Korea? Comments
Ben2008-12-10Indian version of Google Earth ... or ban on GIS? Comments
Ben2005-12-26Indiana permit regulations Comments
Ben2006-08-29Indiana plane crash Comments
Ben2011-06-24Indiana's texting and driving law Comments
Ben2006-03-17Indy 1500 Comments
Ben2006-03-12Indy smoke free ordinance Comments
Ben2005-04-13IndyWorks Town Hall Meeting 
Ben2010-01-15Inefficient government caused by ... old computers? Comments
Ben2009-09-08Inglourious Basterds Comments
Ben2005-04-07Interesting article on Overcriminalization 
Ben2004-07-02Interesting article on the legalities of email interception 
Ben2006-06-30Interesting email about lifetime permits Comments
Ben2005-08-13International News 
Ben2006-02-10Internet Explorer 7 beta Comments
Ben2004-11-03Intimidation at the polls 
Ben2011-04-06Intuit Data Breach Comments
Ben2008-05-02Investors must read Comments
Ben2010-06-08Iraqi food Comments
Ben2009-03-16Iraqi Food is Delicious Comments
Ben2010-01-12IRS Commissioner finds tax code complex Comments
Ben2008-08-09Is Obama joking? Comments
Ben2006-12-12Israel Admits Water is Wet! People Shocked! Comments
Ben2005-08-21Israel continuing to evict settlers from Gaza Comments
Ben2009-02-03It arrived! Comments
Ben2010-02-01It doesn't work that way! Comments
Nate2005-01-06It is a sad...sad day. 
Nate2007-03-30It took some doing... Comments
Ben2007-12-17It's a rough world. Comments
Nate2007-10-01IT'S BACK!!! Comments
Ben2010-12-16It's been done to death, but ... Comments
Nate2005-10-01It's for the children... Comments
Ben2008-07-31It's getting to be that time again ... Comments
Ben2009-10-16It's getting to be that time of year ... Comments
Michael2004-08-27It's News to Me 
Ben2010-01-26It's still a good idea. Comments
Nate2005-08-11Its fun to be a smart ass 
Ben2006-11-21IUPUI and Diversity Comments
Ben2007-12-06Jack Baur in Jail Comments
Ben2006-07-10Japan is considering attack on North Korea Comments
Ben2008-10-27Journalist calls media out for election bias Comments
Nate2008-06-01June USPSA Match Comments
Ben2006-03-24Just because I'm excited about these laws ... Comments
Nate2005-10-26Just in time for Halloween Comments
Ben2006-07-13Justice: Russian Style Comments
Ben2004-07-20Kamakazi Birds 
Ben2004-05-03Keep bureaucracy out of the brothel! 
Ben2009-01-05Keep your clothes and weapons ... Comments
Ben2005-01-06Keeping up appearances ... 
Ben2006-02-14Ken Campbell for Sheriff! Comments
Nate2004-11-08Kerry met with terrorists in Paris. 
Ben2009-03-31Kerry pushes for more gun control Comments
Ben2006-04-17Killing innocents in self-defense Comments
Ben2008-10-29Know Your Candidates (2008) Comments
Ben2004-08-06Know your candidates - why it matters 
Ben2004-08-04Know your candidates! 
Ben2004-08-05Know your candidates, part 2 
Ben2012-03-08Kony 2012 Comments
Ben2009-06-16Latest Obama news Comments
Ben2006-04-18LawDog on the New Orleans gun confiscations Comments
Ben2006-09-12LawDog says it better Comments
Ben2008-08-26LawDog's Pink Gorilla Suit Comments
Ben2005-02-02Laws you can't even read. 
Ben2005-03-02Laws you can't even read. 
Ben2009-02-04Legality of copied gun permits in Indiana Comments
Ben2008-06-23Legislative Responsibility Pt. 1 Comments
Ben2007-03-02Lego Socialism Comments
Ben2005-02-10Let that be a lesson to me ... 
Ben2006-02-09Let's hear it for ignorance! Comments
Ben2006-10-18Let's spend more of YOUR money instead ... Comments
Ben2011-03-18Liberal Huffington not socialist enough, declares union Comments
Ben2009-01-10Licensed Print Cartridges? Comments
Ben2006-05-08Lie down with communists, get up with ... nothing. Comments
Ben2008-12-16Lifesaving Confidence Comments
Ben2008-12-02Lifetime Permit and other thoughts Comments
Ben2006-07-06Lifetime Permits Comments
Ben2010-11-01Lightscribe Comments
Ben2008-06-23Lightworker? Comments
Ben2006-05-05Like father ... like son Comments
Ben2007-08-27Liquid Nitrogen is just plain cool ... er ... cold. Comments
Ben2008-07-11Little Brother is a little bit of a hero Comments
Ben2007-12-04Login Assistance Comments
Ben2007-08-30Long Night Comments
Ben2006-06-11Long Sunday Comments
Ben2008-05-27Long weekend Comments
Ben2004-05-14Looking for a dirt bike 
Ben2005-08-31Looters Comments
Ben2008-05-28M1903 Rifle Comments
Ben2006-10-06Made it to Georgia Comments
Ben2009-01-17Mailbox Redux Comments
Ben2005-04-10Major foreign protests target ... someone else? 
Ben2009-03-18Making it better to make do better Comments
Michael2005-11-02Man kills buck in bedroom with bare hands Comments
Ben2004-12-23Man released after 17 years in prison 
Ben2007-12-21Man with blue skin just wants to be accepted. Comments
Ben2006-10-23Man, oh man ... this had better not be true. Comments
Ben2004-10-13Mass grave in Iraq 
Ben2005-08-08Maybe it's just me ... 
Ben2008-02-07McCain wants people to stop yelling at him. Comments
Ben2010-09-10Meat Coma Comments
Ben2009-11-16Meat! Comments
Ben2012-01-31Medicine ideas Comments
Ben2008-11-05Meditations the day after Comments
Ben2007-12-13Meeting update Comments
Ben2010-08-24Mellow Mushroom in Carmel Comments
Ben2005-12-14Meltdown. Comments
Ben2004-09-10Mercury bullets 2 
Ben2004-09-03Mercury Filled Bullets 
Ben2008-06-28Message From Congressman Steve Buyer Comments
Ben2005-12-21Mexico upset about plan to construct border wall ... why? Comments
Ben2005-09-23Michael's got to get him ... Comments
Ben2007-04-06Michigan Politicians are NOT Smarter Than a Fifth Grader Comments
Ben2005-12-17Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access available Comments
Ben2008-08-23Mindfreak - Arm Through Man Comments
Ben2008-08-22Mindfreak - Coin through Arm Comments
Ben2008-08-24Mindfreak - Rolled up Manhole Comments
Ben2006-02-07Minor additions Comments
Ben2006-07-23Misusing Stuff: Water Filters, Part I Comments
Ben2004-06-24Moore may be blocked from advertising new movie 
Ben2005-07-21More attacks ... 
Ben2005-02-09More from Ward Churchill 
Ben2005-08-20More info about man shot by UK cops on subway Comments
Ben2005-01-13More laser hysteria 
Ben2011-01-29More money for schools! Comments
Ben2005-01-28More news 
Ben2010-01-14More on Ballard Comments
Ben2009-10-05More pictures Comments
Ben2005-06-27More stuff for sale. 
Ben2008-12-29More stuff from times gone by Comments
Ben2009-02-03More tax fun Comments
Nate2005-09-30More wacky Statues Comments
Ben2005-10-03More wiretap fun! Comments
Ben2006-06-20More. Comments
Ben2004-07-13Most pathetic comic in the world 
Nate2005-06-13Mother of the year. 
Ben2004-09-27Motorcycle permit - finally! 
Michael2004-10-11Motorcycle Ride to Benefit Davis Trust 
Ben2008-07-28Moving Family Comments
Ben2006-02-05Muhammed cartoons causing an uproar Comments
Ben2006-05-01Muslims Gone Wild! Comments
Ben2005-11-22My birthday present to myself - reborn Comments
Ben2008-06-21My blueberries are burning! Comments
Ben2007-04-02My latest project Comments
Ben2010-11-16My new company Comments
Ben2006-05-25My next reloading press Comments
Ben2009-08-14My Side of the Corn Field Comments Comments Comments
Ben2006-06-13Name your guns? Comments
Ben2005-08-27Nanotubes go into mass production Comments
Ben2005-01-02NASA plans to blow up comet for July 4th celebration. 
Ben2009-12-27Nate ... would you even bother to test this guy? Comments
Ben2008-03-26Nate's motorcycle Comments
Ben2005-12-23National Day of Mourning: The End of Firefly Comments
Ben2006-01-07Neat ... Comments
Ben2008-02-21Never thought this would happen ... Comments
Ben2005-08-19New ".xxx" domain being held up Comments
Ben2011-10-24New baby Comments
Nate2006-11-13New Bathroom Floor Comments
Ben2009-09-09New Camera Comments
Ben2006-03-26New feature - my favorite links Comments
Ben2009-01-12New feature at Comments
Ben2005-08-17New features Comments
Ben2007-07-16New flooring Comments
Ben2006-02-13New format preview Comments
Ben2006-02-16New format test run Comments
Ben2005-08-21New London (city that stole property) is charging "back rent" Comments
Ben2010-03-16New machine Comments
Ben2007-11-08New optics, odd mounting idea Comments
Ben2009-09-17New pictures Comments
Michael2006-12-29New PoD Comments
Ben2008-06-20New project Comments
Ben2008-06-24New Project - Part 2 Comments
Ben2008-06-28New Project - Part 3 Comments
Ben2008-08-24New project - prototype finished Comments
Ben2008-08-03New Project 4 Comments
Ben2007-08-17New rifles in use in Iraq Comments
Ben2004-06-02New Seatbelt Image 
Ben2008-06-11New server installed Comments
Ben2007-04-05New Toy Comments
Ben2009-08-22New toys Comments
Nate2010-10-10Newest Member of the Hibschman Household Comments
Ben2007-01-30News ... Comments
Ben2004-05-03News bit for the day 
Ben2005-01-29News bits 
Ben2010-06-02News bits Comments
Ben2004-05-15News discussion forum added 
Ben2004-05-02News feature added 
Ben2005-01-24News for today 
Ben2005-01-26News for today 
Ben2010-01-21News for today Comments
Ben2005-01-20News for today. 
Nate2005-02-01News from Nate. 
Ben2010-02-18News in brief Comments
Nate2005-03-07News that makes you wonder. 
Ben2008-06-10Newsbites Comments
Ben2007-06-14NEWSFLASH: Palestinian Terrorist Groups Still Killing People Comments
Nate2009-01-19Nice Desk for Sale! Comments
Ben2011-12-23Night-time Thermite Comments
Nate2005-10-05No fat...really? Comments
Ben2005-09-16No more fat in the federal budget! Comments
Ben2005-08-28No more Nukes in our city. Comments
Ben2011-04-26No one else has mentioned it so ... Comments
Nate2004-05-05no subject 
Ben2005-08-16No vetoes yet from Bush. Comments
Ben2009-06-15No, you're a little off there, Joe. Comments
Nate2008-02-01NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Comments
Ben2010-08-17Not my bank, buddy Comments
Ben2011-04-15Not the only gun guy in NYC Comments
Ben2009-08-19Notes Comments
Ben2009-06-18Notes for today Comments
Nate2005-08-22Nothing can go wrong here. Comments
Ben2004-05-04Notice website down Comments
Ben2006-09-26NSA Song Comments
Ben2005-09-13Nuke 'em till they glow! Comments
Ben2009-05-29OC Spray Comments
Nate2007-10-08October Match. Comments
Ben2004-07-08Odd comic commentary 
Ben2007-12-05Of course it is safe, we have it on a RAID! Comments
Ben2006-02-15Of washers, taxes and guns Comments
Ben2009-03-11Office survival Comments
Ben2004-10-24Officer admits to Rampart Division robberies 
Ben2004-08-10Oh dear ... 
Ben2004-08-23Oh deer ... 
Ben2006-09-18Oh the irony Comments
Ben2007-02-08Oh water, sweet water! Comments
Ben2005-12-12Oh, the irony - hostages in Iraq to catch the US in human rights abuses. Comments
Ben2005-09-02Oil reserves being tapped Comments
Ben2008-06-26Oil/gasoline production statistics Comments
Ben2004-05-27Onion Opinion 
Ben2009-08-29Ooops! I forgot about that ... Comments
Ben2007-03-21Open response to the Brady Center Comments
Ben2007-11-12Optic range report Comments
Ben2006-05-19Ouch Comments
Nate2006-02-09OUTRAGED MUSLIMS! OH MY! Comments
Ben2008-12-11Overheard at the eye doctor Comments
Ben2007-01-12Packin' Serious Heat Comments
Ben2005-11-02Papua New Guinea police shoot rock-throwing schoolkids Comments
Ben2005-11-07Paris burning Comments
Ben2005-12-10Pay back your student loans ... or else. Comments
Ben2011-02-07Peek inside Comments
Nate2004-11-24Personal privacy is a thing of the past. 
Ben2007-08-15Personal Update Comments
Ben2007-09-18Peruvians Complain of Illnesses After Meteorite Strike Comments
Ben2004-05-27Photo FTP 
Ben2005-04-13Photographer's equipment stolen by Sheriff's deputy to be returned 
Ben2010-04-30Photos from last weekend Comments
Ben2010-08-12Phrases I don't hear very often Comments
Ben2005-08-04Pig eaters beware! 
Ben2008-11-18Pirates Sieze Supertanker Comments
Ben2005-04-18Planning a Wedding 
Ben2004-06-14Pledge ruling 
Ben2006-12-11Point zero zero two what? Comments
Ben2004-09-24Police shooting at Butler campus 
Ben2005-02-18Political integrity 
Ben2004-10-15Political site of the day 
Ben2012-02-09Politics Comments
Ben2004-09-17Politics as usual 
Ben2005-10-22Polls indicate Brazilians will vote against ban on firearms Comments
Ben2007-09-26Poor girl ... Comments
Ben2005-12-11Poor Iraqi tyrants .... Comments
Nate2005-10-27Poor little piggies. Comments
Ben2012-04-07Poor Tyler Perry Comments
Ben2010-06-22Possessed Electronics Comments
Ben2006-03-03Potentially good news on the gun front. Comments
Ben2004-06-11Presidential criticism 
Ben2006-09-19Pretty darn busy ... Comments
Ben2009-11-25Preview Google changes Comments
Ben2010-02-24Principles of Convenience Comments
Ben2008-07-29Printing Press Technician Comments
Ben2004-06-21Private spacecraft 
Ben2006-05-26Probably not good for your case ... Comments
Ben2005-10-12Professional Courtesy Comments
Ben2006-09-05Proletariat Adoration Weekend Update Comments
Ben2008-04-30Prominent US tourist attraction facing impending immolation! Comments
Nate2005-06-09Proof of the end of the world. 
Nate2004-07-09Property rights in America just a joke? 
Nate2006-02-17Prostitution legal for police Comments
Ben2014-03-17Proud Papa Moment Comments
Ben2012-04-27Pseudo-celebs Comments
Ben2005-12-25Puns for christmas Comments
Ben2004-06-18Putin Warned of Saddam Threat 
Ben2006-07-14Quick reading Comments
Ben2007-09-30Quick update Comments
Ben2007-03-30Quiet times Comments
Ben2006-08-17Quietness explained Comments
Ben2009-02-16Quote of the day Comments
Ben2010-12-22Quote of the Year Comments
Ben2010-09-08Quotes from Ben Franklin's Autobiography Comments
Ben2008-05-15Race pictures Comments
Ben2005-09-14Racism Comments
Ben2005-08-26Raid on a Utah Rave ... Comments
Ben2011-04-05Random government policy of the day Comments
Ben2009-08-10Random news Comments
Ben2011-04-27Random news bits Comments
Nate2009-07-20Random Observation from the County Fair Comments
Ben2010-08-16Ray Bradbury calls for revolution Comments
Ben2008-09-06Reading Comprehension for Headline Writers Comments
Ben2006-07-20Real friends ... get up early on their day off. Comments
Ben2008-09-02Real-time Satellite Tracking Comments
Ben2006-12-19Reason #524 why we're looking for a house. Comments
Ben2007-11-28Reasonable talk from the entertainment industry Comments
Ben2004-06-17Rebuilding Colossus! 
Ben2006-07-28Recent news Comments
Ben2006-10-04Recent Reads Comments
Ben2005-12-15Red Dwarf Quote Comments
Ben2004-12-21Red vs Blue 
Ben2006-04-26Rediscovering the fun of reloading Comments
Ben2008-02-16Registrars Comments
Ben2006-04-24Reloading Reborn Comments
Ben2006-05-06Reloading spree continues Comments
Ben2004-05-18Remember ... 
Ben2005-12-30Remember, folks Comments
Ben2007-10-24Reminder Comments
Ben2006-12-30Repairman Ben. Comments
Ben2006-07-07Reply to my ISP email Comments
Ben2009-12-23Response from Mayor Ballard Comments
Ben2007-08-24Rest easy, old man. Comments
Ben2011-02-26Rest easy, Uncle Jeff Comments
Ben2010-07-31Restaurant Reviews Comments
Ben2005-02-13Retaliation ... 
Ben2004-10-09Returning as a Triumphant Conquerer 
Ben2006-08-08Reuters images Comments
Ben2009-01-18Reverse Omelet Comments
Ben2004-10-19RFID passports 
Ben2008-05-03RIP Comments
Ben2008-08-02RIP, Grandma Comments
Ben2007-06-01RNC Fires Telephone Solicitors After Decreased Fundraising Comments
Ben2006-10-06Roadtrip time Comments
Ben2005-09-17Roberts: Congress can override federal court ruling in property theft case. Comments
Ben2008-04-18Rock and roll Comments
Ben2007-02-23Round and round with FedEx  Comments
Ben2004-11-05Rule 35 
Ben2008-11-11Rule or serve? Comments
Ben2006-03-06RuneScape Comments
Ben2006-07-17Running it into the dirt Comments
Ben2004-09-14Ruttin' drivers ... 
Nate2007-06-26Sad news. Comments
Ben2004-12-16Saddam photo for today. 
Ben2005-01-22Same spit, different party 
Ben2004-05-17Sarin Nerve Agent Used in Iraq 
Ben2007-12-14Saturday Night Swords Comments
Ben2004-06-23Saudis get Tough on Terror 
Ben2005-08-05Say again? 
Nate2004-11-01Scammer get scammed 
Nate2005-08-17Scary or cool? Comments
Ben2008-02-19Schlock on DBD Comments
Ben2007-05-29Schlock punchline for the day Comments
Ben2004-05-05School almost over. 
Ben2012-05-23Science says this is cute Comments
Ben2008-12-30Security Theatre Silliness Comments
Ben2005-02-27Security through obscurity disappearing ... 
Ben2005-02-26Seen painted on the back of a red pickup truck on US40 ... 
Ben2004-06-19Selective application of the first amendment? 
Nate2007-09-02September Match Comments
Ben2005-09-30Serenity (no spoilers) Comments
Ben2004-06-23Serenity Movie Website up! 
Ben2005-04-26Serenity Trailer Released! 
Ben2005-09-28Serenity viewing ... Comments
Ben2016-05-11Server back online Comments
Ben2004-05-22Server downtime 
Ben2005-02-14Server Downtime 
Ben2006-03-31Server downtime Comments
Ben2007-11-13Server downtime Comments
Ben2006-06-14Server move scheduled Comments
Ben2008-06-13Server Specs Comments
Ben2004-05-01Server Status 
Ben2015-07-15Server transition Comments
Ben2008-06-06Server update Comments
Ben2005-06-23Seven habits of highly effective mercenaries 
Ben2012-04-02Sharp knives Comments
Ben2007-11-19Shoothouse Comments
Ben2006-09-17Shooting day Comments
Ben2008-07-01Shooting fun Comments
Ben2006-01-06Sixty days for four years of rape. Comments
Nate2005-08-10Skill or Luck? 
Ben2009-08-05Skip lunch and buy glasses Comments
Ben2004-08-17Smart Robbers 
Ben2012-04-16SMTH April 16, 2012 Comments
Ben2012-04-18SMTH April 18, 2012 Comments
Ben2012-04-03SMTH April 4, 2012 - Michael and Therese Comments
Ben2012-04-06SMTH April 6, 2012 - Michael and Therese Comments
Ben2012-03-26SMTH March 26, 2012 Comments
Ben2012-03-27SMTH March 27, 2012 Comments
Ben2012-03-28SMTH March 28, 2012 Comments
Ben2012-03-29SMTH March 29, 2012 Comments
Ben2007-02-13Snowed in Comments
Ben2011-05-02So bin Laden is dead ... Comments
Ben2006-07-21So how would you react? Comments
Ben2010-08-03So stupid, even a Frank Straub can condemn it Comments
Ben2004-06-16Social Engineering and Loss Prevention 
Ben2004-09-02Some amusing video 
Ben2013-01-18Some common sense Comments
Ben2012-03-07Some fun articles Comments
Ben2005-05-11Some news 
Ben2007-09-23Some news Comments
Michael2005-12-31Some of you might find this interesting... Comments
Ben2004-05-14Some people just don't get it 
Nate2005-03-30Some people shouldn't be cops. 
Ben2009-07-06Some pictures Comments
Ben2006-11-22Some Proposed Solutions to the IUPUI Controversy Comments
Ben2005-12-07Some Saddam news Comments
Ben2005-12-29Some scenes from The Big U Comments
Ben2010-02-11Some thoughts for today Comments
Ben2004-07-07Some Thoughts on Fireworks 
Ben2005-02-19Someone buy me six 
Ben2005-08-24Someone doesn't like Firefly ... and it doesn't bother me at all. Comments
Ben2005-02-20Something else I want ... 
Ben2006-05-22Something funny from Oleg Volk Comments
Ben2004-09-30Something to chew on while I'm gone 
Nate2005-02-16Sometimes even I don't know what to think. 
Ben2005-11-01Sony DRM is evil. Comments
Ben2012-01-16SOPA blackout Comments
Ben2009-01-28Sore back Comments
Ben2005-05-01Sorry ... 
Ben2006-10-31Sorry ... Comments
Ben2007-01-23Sorry for the light posting Comments
Ben2004-11-19Sorry so quiet 
Ben2008-04-10Sorry, still in ubergeek mode Comments
Ben2008-08-27SPACE VIRUSES ATTACK! Comments
Ben2006-07-18Spam filters, spare tires and early mornings Comments
Ben2007-02-12Spam problem Comments
Ben2007-08-27Spammers suck Comments
Ben2004-08-25Speaks for itself 
Ben2008-06-12Sponsors Comments
Ben2005-09-01STAMPEDE! Comments
Ben2005-04-21Star Wars Convention 
Ben2010-01-27State of the Union summary Comments
Ben2004-05-08Steak 'n Shake 
Nate2004-05-08Steak 'n Shake 
Ben2004-05-15Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-06-19Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-06-26Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-07-24Steak 'n Shake 
Michael2004-08-28Steak 'n Shake 
Ben2004-09-25Steak 'n Shake 
Ben2004-10-02Steak 'n Shake 
Ben2004-11-20Steak 'n Shake 
Ben2004-05-14Steak and Shake 
Ben2004-10-23Steak n Shake 
Ben2008-06-27Steampunk Cell Phone Comments
Ben2005-11-10Steve's Don't Eat It! Comments
Ben2004-07-21Stoned survey 
Nate2005-01-27Stories like this make me smile 
Ben2012-03-15Stossel's 'Illegal Everything' Comments
Ben2004-09-04Strange times 
Ben2013-03-15Stuff Adelle says Comments
Ben2013-03-24Stuff Adelle says Comments
Ben2013-03-28Stuff Adelle Says Comments
Ben2012-03-21Stupid DNS providers Comments
Ben2010-03-12Stupid fraudsters Comments
Ben2010-03-04Stupid Vandals Comments
Nate2005-07-14Stupidest game ever!!! 
Ben2012-03-16Supermacro treasure hunt part five Comments
Ben2012-03-14Supermacro treasure hunt part four Comments
Ben2012-03-12Supermacro treasure hunt part one Comments
Ben2012-03-18Supermacro treasure hunt part six Comments
Ben2012-03-13Supermacro treasure hunt part two Comments
Ben2012-03-13Supermacro treasurehunt part three Comments
Ben2005-09-22Superman is a dick. Comments
Ben2009-03-17Support the Troops: Obama Style Comments
Ben2007-11-20Supreme Court to Hear Gun Control Case Comments
Ben2009-12-10Survival tip Comments
Ben2009-04-28Sweet mother of Moses, that hurt. Comments
Ben2006-03-05Swenson household +1 Comments
Ben2006-06-15Tamara's Gun Skool Funnies Comments
Nate2005-04-15Tax Time. 
Ben2007-10-21Teco Retanico Zimmerman Comments
Michael2005-07-26Teens' prank turns tragic: 1 dead, 1 hurt 
Ben2009-06-29Tennessee / Indiana reciprocity Comments
Ben2004-09-23Terrible, awful joke. 
Ben2011-01-21Thank goodness for unbiased, taxpayer supported journalism Comments
Ben2009-02-24Thank goodness! Fiscal Responsibility Comments
Ben2005-09-05Thanks Michael! Comments
Ben2008-12-28The "Good old days" Comments
Ben2010-09-16The American and mercury filled bullets Comments
Ben2006-05-15The ancient art of Kabumei. Comments
Ben2010-08-25The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagisaki Comments
Ben2005-06-03The brilliance of "Click it or Ticket" 
Ben2007-03-08The Captain is dead! Long live the Captain Comments
Ben2005-11-11The cause of high blood pressure in America Comments
Ben2004-08-26The Colt Poem 
Nate2005-06-02The Commencement Speech You'll Never Hear 
Ben2011-01-30The Daily Grind Comments
Nate2005-07-21The difference between us and them ... 
Ben2004-06-30THE END IS NEAR! 
Ben2004-07-09The future of computer science 
Ben2005-05-26The Great Moving Giveaway 
Ben2007-10-12The Jena Mess Comments
Ben2005-09-28The little tank that could ... Comments
Ben2006-03-22The more things change ... Comments
Ben2008-07-11The pain of the bleeding-edge Comments
Ben2007-05-11The Price of Free Corn Comments
Ben2010-10-19The quick red fox ... Comments
Ben2009-12-19The Recession Hits Politicians Hard Comments
Ben2013-01-22The times we live in ... Comments
Nate2005-06-22The wage gap? 
Ben2010-04-30The way horror movies should be Comments
Ben2009-09-24Things I like / Things I don't like Comments
Ben2010-05-06Things I saw today Comments
Nate2005-01-12Think, somehow you too are a social victim 
Ben2005-10-14Thinking about buying a GPS? Comments
Ben2004-05-25This is a direct result of having all that sand and no beaches. 
Nate2005-09-29This is a sad...sad story. Comments
Ben2005-11-28This is getting old Comments
Ben2008-10-27This weekend Comments
Ben2005-09-15Those bATFE Jokesters! Comments
Ben2005-01-01Thought for Jan 1st 
Ben2005-05-17Thought for the day 
Ben2005-05-18Thought for the day 
Ben2007-10-20Thought for the day Comments
Ben2005-05-16Thought for the day. 
Ben2007-11-01Thoughts for today Comments
Ben2010-04-24Thoughts from last night Comments
Ben2006-10-03Thoughts on abiotic oil? Comments
Ben2008-05-07Three items for today  Comments Comments
Ben2008-01-08Tinfoil-hattery for the day Comments
Ben2005-04-05Tip for driving this summer 
Nate2005-03-11Tisk Tisk Tisk 
Ben2010-11-19To answer a rhetorical question ... Comments
Ben2007-12-12To clarify Comments
Ben2005-03-04To tase or not to tase ... 
Ben2009-04-15Today's news Comments
Nate2005-03-25Todays News 
Ben2008-12-17Toilet Cameras Comments
Nate2005-12-01Tomas Sowell's random thoughts Comments
Ben2006-01-09Too much work. Comments
Ben2005-01-21Total war ... 
Ben2007-09-07Tough lady! Comments
Ben2007-04-16Tragic shooting Comments
Ben2004-07-10Transcript of GBS news report 
Ben2005-06-29Transition in progress 
Ben2011-01-03True Grit Comments
Ben2009-08-28Try this Comments
Ben2006-11-14TV Repairman Comments
Ben2006-12-22Two articles to peruse for this weekend Comments
Ben2010-11-02Typical Russian subtlety Comments
Ben2004-06-24Ubermensch auf Deuchland 
Ben2008-01-15Ubuntu linux Comments
Ben2005-03-22Uncle Annan wants YOU! 
Ben2010-08-23Unfortunate commercial Comments
Ben2004-12-29Ungrateful wretches 
Nate2005-10-13Unintended consequences? Comments
Ben2005-02-22Unreal story ... 
Ben2005-07-26Unsuccessful Presidential Assassination Attempts 
Ben2008-02-04Upcoming Downtime Comments
Ben2005-03-05Upcoming identification game 
Nate2007-08-03Update on dead terror suspect. Comments
Ben2007-07-24Update to dying terror suspect post. Comments
Ben2007-12-18Update to previous post Comments
Ben2006-03-08Useless fact for the day: Solomon's Assassin Comments
Nate2007-08-06USPSA Match Comments
Ben2008-09-08USPSC Match Comments
Ben2008-02-18Utter non-issue of the day Comments
Ben2009-09-18Vension Workshop Comments
Ben2005-12-22Very important facts Comments
Ben2007-04-17Virginia Tech Shooting: What is the Solution? Comments
Ben2007-04-17Virginia Tech: One Hero Comments
Ben2004-11-02Vote or die. 
Ben2012-02-06Voter registration Comments
Ben2008-10-03VP Debates Comments
Ben2008-01-21Vrooom. Comments
Nate2005-10-07Wacky Mother Nature. Comments
Ben2008-04-25Wait ... seriously? Comments
Ben2004-12-20Wal * Mart Loves Linux? 
Ben2008-03-03Walking on knives Comments
Nate2005-05-24Want to feel good about yourself? 
Ben2009-02-26We all knew this was coming, right? Comments
Ben2007-02-01We owe a home Comments
Ben2007-12-11We would like to play; Wii has other plans. Comments
Ben2009-04-29WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!! Comments
Ben2004-12-28We're all going to die. 
Ben2007-06-03We're aunt and uncle ... again Comments
Ben2007-08-29We're number one! Comments
Ben2008-12-08We're partially back up Comments
Ben2005-07-13Weapon used in self defense will not be returned to owner. 
Ben2009-05-18Weaponizers Comments
Ben2006-11-20Weekend Bust Comments
Nate2006-04-12Well at least someone out there is thinking. Comments
Nate2007-02-06Well, I'm off Comments
Ben2004-11-03Well, the election is over ... 
Ben2007-11-30What a bizarre election ... Comments
Michael2005-10-27What a Difference A Day Makes Comments
Ben2005-06-28What goes around comes around 
Nate2005-02-03What is this world coming to. 
Ben2005-08-12What is this? 
Ben2005-05-12What the heck? 
Nate2006-01-25What was it that Hillary Clinton said? Comments
Ben2005-12-13What was the Patriot Act for, again? Comments
Ben2005-01-04What's going on in the world today? 
Ben2008-01-09When all you have is a SWAT team ... Comments
Ben2012-06-10When Google does it, suddenly it's scary Comments
Ben2004-09-08When pitchforks are outlawed ... 
Ben2008-03-01Where is the sunblock? Comments
Ben2007-01-02Where's my BS? Comments
Ben2008-09-24Whew! Comments
Ben2005-01-18While I'm posting cute flash stuff ... 
Ben2006-06-01While not smart... Comments
Nate2010-10-16Who is adorable?  Comments
Ben2004-11-23Who is held responsible for bad laws? 
Ben2005-09-01Whoa ... live from New Orleans. Comments
Ben2009-02-25Why did I give Michael posting rights? Comments
Ben2009-05-11WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!? Comments
Ben2008-06-29Why don't I ever find fun things like this? Comments
Ben2006-02-03Why lawyers make good friends. Comments
Ben2005-10-17Will be gone for a bit. Comments
Ben2004-09-28Windows security 
Ben2005-10-02Wiretap powers in Patriot Act Comments
Ben2005-03-14Wisconsin shootings 
Ben2004-05-13Wolfowitz: Iraq, Afghan costs could top $50,000,000,000 
Ben2010-08-04Wonderous lights to the north! Comments
Ben2012-03-02Words that bear watching Comments
Ben2004-06-01World's Police 
Michael2005-10-12Worse vs. Worst: No. 238 Butler vs. No. 239 Valpo Comments
Ben2005-06-20Wow ... 
Ben2008-12-03Wow ... I knew it was a good book and all ... Comments
Ben2005-11-03Wow ... more wacky Papua New Guinea news Comments
Ben2006-12-29Wow ... things move quickly. Comments
Nate2005-09-08Wow I have been saying this for about a week. Comments
Ben2008-12-23Wow, it's slick out there. Comments
Ben2009-06-01WOW. Google Wave Comments
Nate2005-10-28Wrong time of year. Comments
Ben2008-06-30WTF License Plates Comments
Ben2010-04-23X-37B launched Comments
Ben2009-04-12Yay! Dead pirates! Comments
Ben2008-05-22Yeah ... you sure showed them ... Comments
Ben2011-01-26Yeah, well, what if I didn't pay you? Comments
Ben2009-01-06Yellowstone Supervolcano Comments
Ben2007-01-26Yesterday was a good day Comments
Nate2006-04-15Yesterday's Storm Comments
Ben2004-06-28Yet another possible solution to the Riemann hypothesis 
Ben2007-12-04Yo-yo Servers and Jam Sessions Comments
Ben2008-01-22You can't make this up ... Comments
Ben2005-10-08You ever think things might not have been as bad as reported? Comments
Nate2005-02-07You have got to be kidding me. 
Nate2005-02-23You're breaking up I can't hear you...Hello? Hello? 
Ben2008-12-05You're doing it wrong! Comments
Ben2007-09-25Your Hardworking Congress Comments
Ben2010-03-10Your priorities are wrong Comments
Ben2006-04-10[Illegal] Immigrants' Rights Comments
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