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When I bought my SUV I knew it was a so-called Flex-Fuel vehicle, capable of running on E85 fuel.

Once gas got up to around $3.45, I decided to give the $2.89 E85 a shot. So, on Thursday when I filled up, I put 18.534 gallons of E85 in the car for a total cost of $53.73. I was able to drive 208.1 miles on 14.630 gallons of that mostly E85 mixture.
208.1 miles/14.630 gallons=14.224 MPG

My typical MPG hovers around 16.269 so ...

Which means that E85 gives me about 87.434% of the MPG of regular gasoline.

This means that E85 - due to government subsidies - costs only ~83.8% of what gas costs but gives my car around 87.4% of the performance.

If I weren't concerned about problems developing from using it exclusively, and not really interested in filling up more often because of its decreased capabilities, I probably would use it a lot more.

As it sits, I'll probably only use it every now and again.
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