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Saw a report in the newspaper regarding a 14 year old girl who died after being beaten by her parents.

I'm all for corporal punishment, but maybe when death results it has gone a little far. Flat of hand against the rear end is the method I'd suggest - hurts enough to make a point but no way to do any real damage.

Switch and belt (though I've experienced both in my life) are not recommended tools.

Not to make light of this death, but I read something in the report that made me laugh at the stupidity of humanity. I reproduce it here for posterity:

[LaTanya Edmonds - the mother] attributed bruises on different parts of the girl's body to falling down steps in their home in the 3300 block of North Brouse Avenue and failling to stand still during whippings.

In other words ... "She done got them bruises 'cause she didn't stand still while we was whippin' on her!"

Idiotic defense, mom.
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