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I've got good news and bad news.
In August of 2005, Cara and I bought a new frontloading Frigidaire washer and dryer from H.H. Gregg. Real spiffy looking, supposedly efficient, and not cheap. For a couple of months before that, we'd used Nate and Beth's garage-sale specials (an RCA dryer and GE washer, I think) that worked quite nicely, and were considerably less expensive.

Guess whose washer died first?

Yup, our six month old Frigidair.

Sunday afternoon, the washer quit halfway through a cycle and simply refused to do anything at all. Wouldn't start, wouldn't lock the door, wouldn't drain the water already in it - nothing. We're having someone come in today (Wednesday, Feb 15 2006) to fix it under warranty, but I'm very unhappy with the whole situation.

The good news is that I'm pretty sure I can convince the overlords at the IRS (and IDR) that they stole too much of my money over the previous year and I should be getting a little bit back. Of course, I've got to do all the legwork in proving that, but it's better than never seeing the money again.

Unfortunately, I've already earmarked a that money (or a good chunk of it, anyway) for something completely worthless, so I don't get to splurge on a new gun or anything. I might try for a case of .223 or something.

Maybe I need more magazines for my 1911 or AR-15.
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