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Well folks, I finally have some interesting news.

Cara and I have our apartment picked out. I'll be starting to move in this weekend. For those of you familiar with the Danville area, it's in the Settler's Run complex.

Better still, Nate has reserved an apartment for August in the same building.

Bloody awesome. Abso-friggin-lutely great. Nice place, too.

I've gotten many offers of assistance, which I appreciate greatly. As of now, my plan is to borrow a truck from my grandparents and move as much as possible by myself. Some, however, I'll need help on. I've got a couch, a couple of beds, a couple of dressers and a table that I probably won't be able to get on my own. For some of that, I'll grab my brother and anyone nearby that is able and willing to help at the time. If it turns out there's a lot left over to move, I'll find a day when I can get some folks together and get it finished off.

Hmm ... I think that's all the major info I've got right now. I'm honestly not sure how me moving will impact Check back this week for updates.
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