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Tam snarked a CNN bit wherein some black, female voters were upset that CNN was claiming that black, female voters were vacuous to the point that they would find themselves torn between voting for a woman candidate simply because she was a woman and a black candidate because he was black.

For some time I've been wondering about the reports which state: "Obama is certain to take the black vote," and "Clinton is set to sweep the female vote." Apparently there has been at least enough outrage to get CNN to report on a few angry notes they've been getting.

Finally! Some folks are finally upset about being called ignorant racists/sexists! What took so long?

Hailey's Non-Reciprocal Law of Sexism
If men vote for a candidate simply because he's a man, it's because men are sexist pigs.
If women vote for a candidate simply because she's a woman, it's because men are sexist pigs.

I think the same law could apply to the black vote ...

Can anyone imagine someone saying: "Well, I'd vote for Obama, but he's black and I'd rather vote for a white candidate. And Clinton ... well ... she's great and all, but she's a woman, and I'd rather vote for a guy."? Clear racism and sexism, right? It shows that the speaker utterly ignores the issues and focuses solely on either the race or the gender of the candidate as the deciding factor. Yet, talking heads have been claiming that race and gender are going to be the deciding factors for many blacks and females.

Honestly, this is the first mainstream report I've seen that mentions outrage at being accused of overt racial and gender-based discrimination. I hope there's an awful lot more that we're just not hearing about.

Personally, I'd like to see one - just one - good candidate on the field. I don't care what party they run under, what gender they are or what color their skin is, so long as their platform includes:
Decreased size and scope of federal government.
Massive reduction in government spending and waste.
Increased individual freedom and protection of existing individual freedoms.
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