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I just picked this up a bit ago. This is a partial list of foreign aid offers that have been made after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. I know there are others, but this was the most complete list I could find.
- AUSTRALIA: $8 million to American Red Cross.
- AUSTRIA: Water pumps, plastic sheets, cots.
- BANGLADESH: $1 million.
- BELGIUM: Medical, logistics, civil engineering and diving teams, pumps, generators.
- BRITAIN: 500,000 ration packs, medical experts, search gear, marine engineers, high-volume pumps.
- CANADA: Three navy ships, coast guard vessel, Sea King helicopters, about 1,000 personnel.
- CHINA: $5 million.
- CUBA: 1,100 doctors.
- CZECH REPUBLIC: Rescue teams, field hospital, pumps, water processing equipment.
- DENMARK: Water purification units.
- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Rescue workers, doctors and nurses.
- EL SALVADOR: 100 soldiers, including medical personnel and engineers.
- FRANCE: 300 tents, 980 cots, 60 generators, three water purification units, 30 pumps.
- GERMANY: 70,000 ration packs, medical supplies, vaccination teams, water purification equipment, medical evacuation aircraft.
- GREECE: Two cruise ships to house homeless.
- GUATEMALA: 80 specialists from army, health and interior departments.
- HONDURAS: 134-member medical and search team.
- INDIA: $5 million to American Red Cross, medical teams.
- INDONESIA: 45 doctors and 155 other staff, 10,000 blankets.
- ISRAEL: Doctors, trauma experts, other medical staff, field hospital.
- ITALY: 300 cots, 300 blankets, 600 sheets, pump, first-aid kits, baby food.
- JAPAN: $1 million, tents, blankets, power generators, portable water tanks.
- KOSOVO: $500,000.
- KUWAIT: $500 million worth of oil and other goods.
- LATVIA: Disaster team, financial aid, blankets, bottled water.
- LITHUANIA: Rescue teams, meals, building materials.
- LUXEMBOURG: Two jeeps, 1,000 cots, 2,000 blankets.
- MEXICO: Navy ship with food, amphibious vehicles, helicopters, medical team; 15 army vehicles carrying food, health workers, water-treatment equipment, mobile kitchens.
- THE NETHERLANDS: Three giant water pumps, frigate with water, medicine, helicopters and beds.
- NEW ZEALAND: $1.4 million, search team, victim identification team.
- NICARAGUA: Flooding and sanitation experts.
- NORWAY: Navy divers, 10,000 blankets, unspecified financial aid.
- PAKISTAN: Doctors and paramedics.
- PANAMA: 120,000 pounds of bananas.
- PERU: 80 to 100 doctors.
- THE PHILIPPINES: 25-man relief team.
- PORTUGAL: Loan of 2 percent of strategic oil reserve - 500,000 barrels of oil.
- QATAR: $100 million.
- ROMANIA: Two medical teams.
- RUSSIA: Three transport planes with generators, food, tents, blankets, drinking water, medical supplies.
- SINGAPORE: Three CH-47 transport helicopters and 38 soldiers based in Texas flying supply and airlift missions.
- SLOVAKIA: Water purification gear, cots, water.
- SLOVENIA: Cots, bedding, first aid kits.
- SOUTH KOREA: $30 million, search team, relief supplies.
- SPAIN: Firefighters and equipment, medical staff, tents, cots, blankets, water treatment units, heating equipment, meals, water, generators.
- SRI LANKA: $25,000 to American Red Cross.
- SWEDEN: First aid kits, blankets, meals, generators, plastic sheeting, two water purification units.
- SWITZERLAND: 50 tons of supplies.
- TAIWAN: $2 million.
- THAILAND: At least 60 doctors and nurses, rice.
- URUGUAY: Two mobile water purification units, two tons of powdered milk.
- VENEZUELA: 1 million barrels of gasoline, $5 million in cash, water purification plants, 50 tons of canned food and water.
- UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Tents, clothing, food, other aid.

Some of my favorites:
- LUXEMBOURG: Two jeeps, 1,000 cots, 2,000 blankets.
Thanks, Tiny Luxembourg! Shipping the jeeps is probably more trouble than it's worth, though.

- PANAMA: 120,000 pounds of bananas.
Bumper crop of bananas this year?

There are an awful lot of countries offering support. We're taking them up on some of it while we're refusing or ignoring other assistance. Thanks to all!
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