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First off, I don't smoke. I fire up my pipe maybe twice a year, but I tend to not enjoy being areas with substantial tobacco smoke. My choice, my money follows me. No big deal.

The supporters of SmokeFreeIndy were on Fox59 giving their victory speech. It may have been a repeat, considering the ban went into effect March 1st. They were very clear that their goal was a universal smoking ban and that they were upset that they had to settle for the current ban.

Under the new law, if a company wants to allow smoking, they have to meet the law's criteria and apply for special permits.

I'm tired right now, so I'm going to try to make this as short as possible.

Smoking is a personal choice. Spending money at a place that allows smoking is a personal choice. Working at a place that allows smoking is a personal choice.
If you don't want to smoke, don't want to spend money at a place that allows smoking and don't want to work at a place that allows smoking, then don't. You don't need a law to make your choice for you.
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