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I'm glad the Democrats support freedom of speech, aren't you?

From Yahoo! News. Click on the picture to see the original caption (for as long as it stays up - the image has been preserved locally for posterity and to reduce drain on the puny Yahoo! servers).

In short, the Kerry-supporter on the left has just shown how manly he is by tearing a Bush-Cheney sign from the hands of a three year old girl.

I'd like to add a commentary here, but I think the picture is more than clear enough.

Plus, everybody seems to be missing the funniest part of the picture - the black guy in the background with the Kerry-Edwards sign. Look again.

Disclaimer: I don't like Bush. I likely won't vote for him. However, I like Kerry even less and am disgusted by the actions of his supporters.

Edit: On second glance, it looks more like the dad was holding the sign than the daughter, but the Kerry supporter still thought it would be funny to attack the Bush supporter with the child on his shoulders and deserves a good garrotting.

Further addition:
To be fair and balanced ...

A note from the organizers

More anti-daddy stuff
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