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Nate and I will be heading out to go hunting tonight.

It keeps getting easier and easier for us.

The first time we went hunting together, we stayed at the home of some relatives of Nate's which was undergoing some remodeling. As I recall, their bathroom was out of order, so for anything more serious than peeing, we would have had to go to some neighbors down the street and ask to borrow their restroom. It was a short trip, so we didn't run into many problems.

The next few years we hunted a cabin that his family owns. That cabin had no electricity or running water and a massively overkill wood stove for heat. Our restroom accommodations were ... primitive. Namely a falling-apart outhouse that needed to be re-dug or a handy tree. The major downside for me was the fact that the place was so dusty and moldy that I couldn't hardly spend a night without coughing up a lung. Cell service was spotty at best.

Some time after that, Michael's family bought a good chunk of land and were kind enough to let us hunt there. They had parked a travel trailer there with electricity for heat, but whenever we went to use it they had already winterized the water lines, so we were still relegated to using an outhouse - although, admittedly, a much nicer outhouse than we had previously had access to. Again, cell service was sometimes hard to get.

Last year (although Nate doesn't remember this) they hadn't winterized it by the time hunting season started up, so we actually had running hot and cold water. I even took a shower before coming home!

This year we're going to be spending the night both nights in beautiful, modern homes with outstanding people to talk to and every comfort imaginable from hot water to clean sleeping quarters to full kitchens to internet access. We need not want for anything.

I have no idea how it could get much better.
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