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Recently I started a new project. While I had applied tung oil to unfinished wood, I had never done any refinishing and decided I wanted to give it a try. My first project was an old Springfield-labeled .22LR bolt-action rifle. The rifle came with a pretty awful looking stock but after knocking it down with some progressively finer sandpaper it started to look very good. I didn't really do any wet-sanding, but the sanding seemed to turn out fine.

Some thoughts:
1. I didn't start out with coarse enough sandpaper. I started out with 100 grit when I should have used some 80 grit at least in the beginning.
2. The existing stain goes pretty deep. I didn't really cut enough wood to remove it all.
3. Next time get the colored wood-filler - touching up those spots isn't going to be fun.
4. Take "before" pictures.
5. Take "during" pictures.
6. Take "after" pictures.
7. Take your time.

Fun project. I'm going to put a few coats of oil on it and then maybe I'll start on the Marlin I got.
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