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Of the two major parties, I tend to side with the Republicans (at least with the ideals they claim to hold). Still, I am very critical of them as a whole. So how did I end up at a fundraising lunch at the Columbia Club in downtown Indy for the Republican party?


Okay, so now that I'm back from the event, I'll talk a little more. I should have made it more clear, I was typing that on my phone. For most the the event (except for a tasty lunch) I was listening to some Republican muckety-muck - who handled a lot of Bush's economic policy - tell stories about playing practical jokes on Karl Rove (and vice-versa) and about how he and Dick Cheney pulled one over on Ben Bernanke.

It was an interesting speech, and the guy talked a little about having dealt with Obama. Interestingly enough, he was very complimentary of Obama's character and intelligence. About the only negative thing he said was that he disagreed with Barack's politics and he thought his socialist policies were bad for America, but as a person he described him as very smart, principled and a generally good guy.

It was an interesting event, all told.

As to the reason I was there, it all comes down to somebody's hurt feelings. I'll leave it at that.
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