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I now can say I have made fire using a metal match. You know, a firesteel. A steel lighter. Whatever you want to call it.

I've owned a number of metal matches over time, all embedded in magnesium firestarters. While I successfully made small fires in calm conditions using the magnesium, I never really considered that I could just as easily use the sparks from the striker to create a fire without using the magnesium.

Since I've been doing some reading on the subject, I decided to try using a fire steel with good tinder instead of a pile of magnesium shavings. Sure enough, a few strikes of the firesteel into a little puff of dryer lint and my tinder was burning. It burned merrily for about 30 or 45 seconds before dying. I then flipped the puff over and burned the other side for 20 seconds. No problem at all. I figure if I can make a fire with a single match, I can make a fire with a firesteel and decent tinder. No magnesium necessary.

Then again, I'd like to actually prove it. Nate ... you know what this means, right?
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