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[Ben]:Intimidation at the polls No discussion found
We all heard that the Republicans were going to send in their shock-troops to drive out and disenfranchise the poor huddled masses, but my younger sister was working the polls in downtown Indy when she spotted some Democrat supporters campaigning inside the polling place. This is illegal, and she reported it to the election supervisors who kicked 'em out.

Then the Democrat folks (two large, ethnic gentlemen) stomped over and started yelling profanity and generally getting in her face and intimidating her.

I make no secret that Katie and I don't get along. That doesn't mean I'm comfortable with a couple big guys picking on her, cussin' at her and generally trying to intimidate her for reporting their violation of the law.

She was able to resolve it by threatening to call the police. I doubt I'd have been thinking about my cell-phone at that point. I'd be more concerned with something I carry on the other side of my belt.

I guess the Repubs should've sent shock-troops. Might've made things fair.
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Intimidation at the polls
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