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It used to be that I wore hard contacts. At the time they cost about $40-$50 each eye and I would rarely have a spare on hand. When I did have a spare, it was usually old and badly scratched. When you also consider the fact that I rarely bought glasses because I rarely wore them and didn't see why I should spend another $50 for a pair of glasses I would never wear, it lead to some pretty interesting situations wherein I was missing the proper corrective vision. I would lose or break contacts on road trips, hunting trips and just around the house and then neglect to replace them for months.

Finally I switched to soft lenses. This was better because I could lose and damage a number of them before I had to go buy new ones. Granted, a box of my soft lenses costs about what my hard lenses did and doesn't last quite as long, but they offer sufficient additional convenience and comfort that I'm okay with the decision. More recently I went ahead and paid around $40 for a "cheap" pair of glasses to wear when I didn't want to put on my contacts and as a backup if I ran out. They were relatively cheap, but still pretty expensive. Certainly not something I'll buy a few pairs of to have backups.

Recently someone referred me to Costal Contacts. They sell contacts and glasses at reasonably good prices. Their contact prices are on par with Wal-Mart, but they run amazing sales on glasses. If you get the cheapest lenses and pick from a few specific (but nice) frames you can get a pair of glasses (with lenses) for $6.95 + shipping and insurance. If you just order the glasses you'll end up paying about $14.38 delivered, but if you tack it on to a larger order you can get free shipping on it. What I think I'm going to do is order a pair every time I place a contact order. For $7 each, why not? At that price, I can afford to eventually have a pair in every vehicle, a pair in my hunting pack, a pair by the bed, etc., etc.
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