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I have no excuse. If I'd never lost a RAID array, I could say: "I thought that RAID arrays were fault tolerant enough." If I'd never spent twenty hours trying to recover a few megabytes of useful information, it might be understandable.

But I have lost RAID arrays before. has gone down a couple-three times because an array loses its mind or drops a couple of drives. I have spent hours and hours trying to resuscitate an NTFS partition whose FAT can't find the right clusters.

I have no excuse. I should have run daily backups on the progress we'd made.

But I didn't.

Anyway, I'm finally making headway. Thankfully, Ben P. had given me a bootable recovery environment tailor made for the tools I needed to run. HawkPE is a lifesaver. It looks like I've got to buy a new version of RecoverMyFiles too, but that's not too painful.

After several sleepless nights, it looks like I won't have to redo a few hundred hours of work before next Thursday, which is - as you can guess - a spot of relief.

Wish me luck.
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