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When Dead-Drunk ain't enough. HOOK IT TO MY VEIN!

Microsoft to offer free (but limited) virus-scanner. If you ask me, this is a good step in the right direction. I'm all for capitalism, but I'm also supportive of value-added free services to make products safer and more attractive. Microsoft's lack of security and particular vulnerability to attack has long been one of my major problems with them. I don't feel all that good about spending $85 on an operating system if I have to go out and spend $50 plus yearly subscriptions to protect it.

Attorney general nominee Alberto Gonzales is "sickened and outraged" at prisoner abuse. Which is odd considering his earlier position on torture. I'm still not decided on the issue myself. Is it better to adopt the utilitarian "greater good" concept in the case of someone whose life is already forfeit? I don't know. Still, if you're going to take a position, stick to it.

Sometimes I think about this sort of thing when I'm watching a train go by.

Okay this laser thing is getting out of hand. I have yet to be convinced that laser pointers are a threat to pilots. Tell me why. Go ahead. Maybe I'll write a little piece on why I don't think it's a threat, but if someone knows better, lemme know.
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