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[Ben]:Brilliant deduction, Sherlock! Discuss This [1 comment so far] View Comments
There was a shooting in New Orleans recently. Five "teens" were killed. Tragic, but I've got a feeling that they weren't completely innocent. I'm willing to be wrong here. It's just that I hang out with a lot of well-armed people and have done so for many years, and I've never been in fear of this kind of thing happening. I think it has something to do with the fact that the folks I hang out with tend to not be the type to be involved in the drug trade.

Another tragedy is that the police in NO have apparently not improved much since their fine showing last year.

Here is a quote from Capt. John Bryson. I'm not making this up.
"I think the motivation we're looking at is pretty obvious," he said. "Somebody wanted them dead."

Okay, okay, it is pretty obviously true. Yes, someone wanted them dead. Thanks Sherlock. Solved that riddle for us.
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Brilliant deduction, Sherlock!
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