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The judge says: ""If the person is mad at the cop, why take it out on court administration? They're punishing the wrong people."

Now hold on here ... I'm generally told "Don't fight with the police officer. If you disagree with the ticket, fight it in court." But when this guy does just that with his little act of civil semi-obedience, the Judge says he's not playing fair?

So who is he supposed to complain to?

In related news, Indiana recently increased the fines for traffic tickets. Retroactively. People who were ticketed in April, May and June under the old system found out when they tried to pay the amount listed on their ticket that they would have to pay an additional $30 or so. Funny, huh?

Man Pays Speeding Tickets in Pennies

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — A man ticketed for speeding thought he'd get even by paying his fine with 12,000 pennies. But the judge had the final word by making him wait for the change to be counted.

"If the person is mad at the cop, why take it out on court administration?" said Clay County District Judge John Pearson. "They're punishing the wrong people."

Rather than count the small garbage can full of pennies by hand, Court Administrator Jan Cosette took them to the bank, where they were put in a counting machine. She returned with $120 in cash and some extra pennies, which were given to the Seattle man, who waited in the courthouse.

He was cited for driving 70 mph in a 55 mph zone March 5.
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