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Nate and I attended a Venison Workshop put on by Purdue University last night.

This class was fantastic. For $10 we received some excellent tips on how to field dress a deer (we've gotten it done every year, but we've never done a tidy job) and got to watch them skin, quarter and butcher a deer and eat some venison to boot. Essentially everything necessary to go from field to freezer.

I can't say enough good things about it. Anyone who has ever wanted to learn about the process should absolutely take advantage of this program.

For years we spent $65-$75 having a butcher cut up our deer. The results were always good, but the expense, wait time and distance from home weren't ideal. Still, we always stuck with it because we were honestly intimidated by the prospect of screwing up the butcher process.

After taking this class, I'm actually looking forward to butchering our next kill. I know the instructors made it look easy because of skill and experience, but having seen the process through from start to finish (including eating some of the chopped up critter) it is no longer a mystery.

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Download in MPEG format here

(Nate is uncredited in the video.)
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