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A couple of years ago I mentioned, a website run by Matt Massie, a friend, coworker and former Marine.

Recently he asked me to redevelop some sections of the site including the rack builder, and I moved it to an OpenCart installation as well.

The new rack builder allows you to correctly arrange military ribbons, devices and badges in order of precedence. If you are so inclined you can buy the rack on various coffee mugs, tags and decals. If you'd rather have designs featuring your rank, those are available too, and Matt is absolutely fantastic when it comes to customer service and custom products.

It's really a slick site if I do say so myself, and working on the development has helped me to vastly improve my understanding of military awards. You would not believe how complicated things can get with the ribbons and badges. There are so many exceptions and unique awards that it isn't unusual to spot

I've placed an order through the site as a gift for Colonel Swenson, and when I get the products in I'll post some pictures. No, I didn't give myself a huge discount coupon ... but I could have.
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