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Can anyone give me a reason - just one good reason - why this man should not be executed immediately?

This is how I see it:
1. He admitted to committing an act of abduction and rape.
2. The victim was a three year old girl.
3. His prison term will probably be over one hundred years and he will likely not live to see freedom again anyway.
4. I'd rather pay for the ammo used to kill him and the $300 or so to have him cremated than spend the money to keep him alive.

Why let him live? Hell, why take him to trial? A trial is designed first and foremost to determine whether the accused is guilty. Michael James Taylor, filth that he is, admitted to the crime. He has publicly professed guilt. Rather than take this to trial and put some poor family through the hell of a trial, how much better would it be to kneel him down in front of a wall behind the courthouse and hand a loaded .45 to one of the parents of the three year old? If they don't want to do the duty (understandably), let a Judge hike up his robes and drop the hammer. Or have the Sheriff double-tap him. Or take volunteers. Bet it wouldn't be hard to find someone willing to carry out the execution of this piece of garbage.

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