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Most people know by now that extremist Muslims are extra-special angry at the Pope right now.

They're angry because the Pope quoted an emperor who called Mohammed's teachings violent and evil and specifically condemned the concept of conversion by the sword. So how did the Religion of Peace react?

With typical displays of peace, of course.

Now, if you wanted to show how good and nonviolent your religion is, how would you do it? Would you:
a) Issue a statement saying "We're upset that the Catholic Pontif feels this way. We take issue with his use of such strong, ancient rhetoric to descibe Islam, and hope that he sees fit to reconsider and explain his remarks."
b) Agree that the violent position taken the past by Islam is probably not the best of ideas and promise to work to change.
c) Swear loudly that "We will break up the cross, spill the liquor and impose head tax, then the only thing acceptable is conversion or the sword."
d) Murder a Nun.
e) C and D

If you chose "E", you're well on your way to becoming an Islamic leader!

Guys - cut out the nun killing bit and lets get back to trying to improve Islam's image here.
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