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I seem to remember hearing about a Mythbusters experiment involving cheap vodka and water filters. Today I was replacing the filter in our Brita pitcher and while the new filter was soaking, I eyed the old filter a bit. Now, I don't have any vodka around the house, nor would enhancing the flavor of cheap vodka appeal to me ... but I did have other liquids I could play with.

First I tried apple juice. It started out as good apple juice too. I had to pour enough to flush the remaining water, and once I did it came through looking like ... well, like apple juice. It took only one swig to disabuse me of that notion. It no longer had any of the tart flavor that apple juice has. I couldn't taste apple at all, just sweetness. It was akin to drinking sugary water. Actually, it tasted more like Sweet 'n Low water. Curiously, the smell seemed to have been muted as well.

Waste of good apple juice.

I flushed out the filter again with water to clear out the juice, and looked around the kitchen. Okay, so what about milk? After pouring enough to displace the water, I tasted some of the milk. It was pretty unaffected. Maybe with a little more subdued milky flavor, but since milk is mostly just suspended fat and sugars, I think it made it through the carbon filtration pretty unaffected.

I wanted to try something else like Pepsi or orange juice, but I think the milk and juice had gunked up the filter pretty badly, not to mention this is the first time in six months I've changed the two month filter. Maybe when I change it again I'll try something else.

Until next time, have fun misusing stuff!
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