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I've finally got my Exchange server properly configured for mobile use. That was a bear, but now I'm happy with it. Manually syncing it with the server wasn't going to be good enough for me, and this makes sending emails from the device easier too.

Also, if any of you folks want absolute bare-bones access to your email accounts, try It is designed to work with a web-enabled mobile device, but your regular browser can view it too.

In theory, any time someone sends an email to my account, I should get it on the phone within an hour or so if I'm not already by the computer. I could set it up to check more often, but that's hard on the battery. There's also an option to have the server text message the phone as soon as I get an email and the phone will automatically sync up. Very cool, but I haven't gotten it to work yet. After the time I put into getting the Outlook Mobile to work, I'll settle for periodic updates.

I'm going to run a battery life test starting at 10:00am today. We'll see how the battery does with the intermittant server sync.

I'd like to get a few accessories for this phone in this order:
1. Bluetooth headset.
2. Extended life battery
3. New charger - the cradle works fine, but the previous owner really goobered up the wall adapter.
4. GPS

The GPS is pretty costly, and the cheapest I see right now would be about $100 for the GPS module and navagation software if I got a good deal on each. I've already got that Garmin GPS, and I might be able to figure a way to hook that up to the phone too, but that would take some cables I don't have and I'd still need to buy the Windows Mobile 2003 navigation software.
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