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Today we've got a march in Indianapolis, among dozens of other major cities.

Hundreds of thousands - possibly millions - of people are voicing their support for "Immigration Justice" and "Immigrants' Rights".


I'm not against immigrants one single bit. I work with a Swedish immigrant daily. I don't have to go back very far in my own family tree to find immigrants. Immigration is something that can and will strengthen, enrich and generally benefit our country in numerous ways.

But the marches we're seeing today are not about immigrants' rights. Not really. Mats, my coworker, will not benefit from these marches. They don't want to help him. They don't care about him. Why? Two reasons. He came to America legally, and he's not Mexican. Smells like racism to me.

These people are not marching for immigrants, they are marching for illegal immigrants. Some attempt to equate the two, but they are not the same thing. Come on folks, let's be honest. Let's stop using euphemisms like "undocumented workers". These aren't simply "undocumented workers", they're people who knowingly and willfully broke the laws of the United States to avoid having to worry about lawfully immigrating. That makes them "criminals", doesn't it? They want the benefits of immigration without the hassles of following the law. These aren't just bad American laws - if I tried to sneak across the border into Mexico I'd be violating Mexican laws as well and would be subject to arrest and deportation.

I'm all for restructuring the way the US Visa system handles work Visas and the like. If that's the problem, march for that. I'd be happy to support understandable and sensible immigration reform. Don't march in support of these criminals and wave Mexican flags, burn American flags and expect me to take you seriously. I know, I know, not all illegal immigrants are bad people. That doesn't mean they should be granted the same "rights" that people who did the hard thing and came in legally get. I'm not proposing we execute or imprison the illegals, but I'm not sure why we should pay to provide them with health care, pay to educate their children and grant them immunity from some of our laws.

And on the subject of racism, why is it that when someone starts ranting about La Raza (The Race) reconquering Atzlan they're simply encouraging "ethnic solidarity" - which is for some incomprehensible reason okay for a minority to do, but if someone of any race (including a Texas born and bred Latino) sits on the border with a pair of binoculars and a cell phone with the Border Patrol on speed dial they're racist? Does anyone want to speculate what the outcry might be if someone started advocating reconquering Europe for The Race? Anyone want to guess what wrath a white guy advocating "ethnic solidarity" might suffer?

Fricken hypocrites. Tell you what, if you want to chant about the superiority of your race, fine. That's First Amendment stuff. But I never, ever, ever, ever want to hear you complain about anyone discriminating against you or hear about you complaining that someone is being a racist. Sauce for the goose, man.

Lawdog has a few good reads on this subject.
here and here.

Go read them.
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