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[Ben]:Hmmm ... curiouser and curiouser. Santa in school. Discuss This [1 comment so far] View Comments
I found this article that criticizes a substitute teacher for hurting some kids' feelings. In her own words: "I said there was a man named Nickolas of Myrna who died in 343 A.D., upon whom the Santa Claus myth (is based)."

Of course, some children - confused because their parents had told them otherwise about Jolly Ol' Saint Nick - went home crying.

Boo hoo.

Can anyone explain to me why so many parents like to lie to their kids about Santa? Does it add something to the holiday?

"Oh no kiddies, these presents are not from your loving family, they're from some fat, creepy old guy who watches you day and night and judges your behavior. Regardless of how you actually behave, if you act nice enough he does a quick B&E on the evening of Dec. 24th and leaves you some loot. And in this way we celebrate baby Jesus! Yay!"

Grinch ain't got nothin' on me.
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