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Marion County Deputy in trouble for actions

Some of this officer's history:

• Shelnutt allegedly pointed a gun at teenagers in a car who were playing their stereo too loudly in front of his house in April 1995. Shelnutt said he aimed the weapon at the car's tire.

• Officers including Shelnutt responded to a disturbance in September 1999. They reportedly kicked in the door and pointed guns at two apartment guests. Later the officers determined they had gone to the wrong address.

• Shelnutt responded to a break-in report in 2001 that lead to him shooting the lawful occupant of the home in question. (I remember this and at the time figured it was just a bad situation all around.)

• Shelnutt pulled over a car for speeding in June 2004. He rushed to the car, pointed what the driver believed to be a handgun at his head, pulled the driver out, pushed him to the ground, put his knee on the driver's back and handcuffed him. The driver was later released after Shelnutt allegedly agreed to call it "even-Steven." The driver in the case filed a complaint of excessive force, according to court documents. Internal Affairs found Shelnutt committed conduct unbecoming an officer.

• Was involved in a 110mph chase that resulted in the deaths of two individuals. Whether or not the world is a better place now is debatable.
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