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[Ben]:Photographer's equipment stolen by Sheriff's deputy to be returned No discussion found

A sheriff's deputy approached a photographer who was taking pictures of a bus tunnel in Seattle over the weekend. Deppity threatens the photographer with confiscation of all of his equipment and when the dude offers to delete the pictures he took, he tells the photographer to surrender all his CompactFlash cards and leave the area.

Guess what? It's okay to take pictures of the bus tunnel (commercial photogs should get permission for liability reasons) and there was no law supporting the Deputy's theft.

The Sheriff pretty much said that their guy went a little overboard and that the cards are going to be returned.


Other news:

   Train derailed near my office. No injuries that I know of. Interesting. Made traffic absolute murder. Say, what's that noxious gas drifting about? *cough cough* *thud*

   I was driving to Cara's house Saturday with a change of clothes in the back. None of my regular readers need ask what was on the belt of the jeans. Somehow the shirt I'd tossed on top of it came off, so it was exposed in the back seat. I find out at a stoplight when the guy in the van to my right leans over and says through the open passenger window "Hey, y'know your gun is cocked all the way back."
To which I replied "That's the way it's supposed to be carried."
As the man drove away, I reached back and covered it up with the shirt again. Oops.

   I need some input as to the subject of my first weekly column. Some that I've been considering:
      1. Security through obscurity and the law
      2. A daylight saving time rant
      3. Lessons learned from planning a wedding
      4. Random thoughts that I'm having at the time, something like this one, actually.

I'm open to other suggestions as well.
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