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Criminals can write off business expenses. No, seriously. In the Netherlands a guy spent $2,600 on a handgun to rob a bank. When he was caught, the court let him deduct that amount from his "restitution" payment. Good thing he saved his receipt.

Amber Alert for an Indiana girl. Keep an eye out for a skinny white male about 18-22 somewhere from 5' 8" to 6' tall. Say ... that describes about 70% of the membership of this forum.

The mob just ain't what it used t'be. Everyone's a rat.

Remember when gas was 18 cents a gallon? Like it was yesterday.

Police can use drug dogs to sniff your car even if they have no reason to suspect you. Drug dogs are considered "noninvasive", and so are okay to use. Tell you what, officer, when Fido can get a little better than 65% accuracy and can be sworn in to testify against suspects in a court of law, and can be imprisoned for perjury then maybe this can make sense. The opinion column I linked to has some interesting bits on some other laws and rulings regarding the drug war. Good read.

Pictures of sub that hit mountain released. I missed this when it happened. Some interesting pictures, though.

Left in the water. Interesting story. Who knows how much is true, though.

Huge pile of crap still burning. This is high-priority front page news on ...

Count the lessons here:
1. Don't ask a question you don't want an answer to ("What are you going to do, shoot us?")
2. Skinny women should not attempt to engage in hand-to-hand combat with 5 armed men.
3. Don't bring a bitchy attitude to a gunfight unless you've got the upper hand. Hint: when you're outnumbered, outgunned and otherwise outmatched you do not have the upper hand.
4. Gun control doesn't work.
5. Tragic that she was killed, but if you choose to live in a victim disarmament zone like NYC, keep in mind that by definition, criminals don't follow the laws that you do.
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