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Been rather busy of late, but I'll try to spend some more time here as I'm able.

Spent some time getting a forum set up for Wild West Guns in Alaska to run group buys, and am hosting it on this machine. If you're looking for that forum, you can find the link here.

Cara is gone for the weekend, so I'm going to mope around here and probably start clearing out my room so we can do construction on it. This means taking my reloading stuff apart. I'm probably going to move it to Jason's house for a while. Partially for storage, but mostly because he's got a new .50AE he needs to load for and I'd like to see the machine get some use.

I think that's all in the way of news. Except maybe that this coming Tuesday I'm taking Cara to see Phantom of the Opera at the Murat. Hope she'll enjoy it.
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