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Folks, I'm a busy man. I work, I go to school, I have a wonderful girlfriend - I don't have much free time. Still, I've decided to apply some of this scarce free time towards obtaining a motorcycle operator's endorsement. To this end, I've taken and passed the ABATE motorcycle riding course and the state required written motorcycle operator's test.

When the lady at the BMV entered in my social security number (directly from my valid and legal social security card, mind you), she could not find me in their database.

I simply don't exist.

So she tells me to get the hell out of there and go find some time to go to the Social Security offices and get a letter stating that I am, in fact, Ben Swenson of fame.

Today after school, Nate and I went to the local offices on Lafayette street and got there at 4:10pm. The bloody place closes at 4:00pm.

I say again, the bloody place closes at 4:00pm. And they're only open Monday through Friday.

Okay, okay, I get it. They're an agency dedicated to people who don't work, but still. C'mon! I work every day that I don't go to school, and some days I do. When am I supposed to go, hmmm?

I've bitched about the Social Security pyramid scheme before (look it up, folks, that's exactly what it is) but if I'm paying into the gorram thing, shouldn't they at least be open hours that an average working person could take advantage of?

I know, I know. I'll shut up and be a good peon and pay into the scheme, all the while hoping that we breed fast enough to have a larger workforce to support me when I decide to stop working.
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