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Any of you familiar with the Protest Warriors might find these videos to be amusing.

I have no back-story, but apparently some leftists (described in the link as "anarchists", but could be anything from moderate Democrats to Naderites to Communists to wannabe socialist-anarchists) had a problem with letting someone put forth a differing opinion and backed it up with force and profanity (consider that fair warning to anyone with sensitive ears).

I'm no hardcore Bush supporter, but I've always gotten a chuckle out of the Protest Warriors. They bring a little balance to the world.

Speaking of Bush supporting, I've been following the Republican National Convention a little more closely than the DNC and have been impressed by some of the speeches. Who knew Republicans had a sense of humor? Self-deprecating humor at that!

A few of the speeches were even inspiring to this ol' jaded anarcho-capitalist. Sad that the platform the Republicans run on is completely different from the one they legislate on.

Oh, and they conveniently skip over an awful lot of personal-freedom issues
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