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So I was browsing Steam and came across a neat looking game for a couple of bucks. I'm not going to mention it here because I don't want to advertise anything associated with GFWL. "Cool," I thought, "I'll just pick that up." Apparently instead of being the typical Steam purchase of buy, download, install, play, this game required a Games for Windows Live account.


I hate Games for Windows Live. Whereas Steam typically makes it easy to download and play games, GFWL makes it as onerous as possible and seems to take the position that if you spend more time trying to get your game working than playing it they have done their job.

I've now spent half an hour just trying to get this stupid game running. Every step is poorly thought out and causes problem after problem. Login validation is agonizingly slow, I can't find my old gamertag and there is no structure for looking it up, I can't create a new gamertag because Microsoft's systems suck ... there has been literally nothing good about this experience. I'm almost ready to chalk it up to a lesson learned and very carefully never buy anything associated with Microsoft's gaming department again.
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