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Jon, Dad and I went to the range today so that Dad could give his gun a workout. We had a little bit of a wait because the range was supposedly full, but we couldn't help but notice in the security monitors that very few lanes were actually being used.

The whole time we were there, a large group of people were fawning on a woman at one side of the store. Some folks in the lady's entourage were trying to sell some sort of diet product or banana chips or something. The owner was nodding and acting very interested as the entourage took up a good chunk of his counter space with milling about and making broad hand gestures to indicate the area they wanted to set up displays for their organic protein-powder milkshakes or whatever. I just couldn't figure out why he was being so agreeable, considering they were standing in my way and I was trying to give him money.

Finally, one of the counter jockeys asked if we watched Sons of Guns. I've seen a few episodes, but I'm not a big fan. Apparently this lady is some sort of recurring guest on the show. In reverent tones he mentioned how in one episode she actually - get this - assembled an AR-15 with the assistance of a professional gunsmith. Oh boy, this is my impressed face. I looked her up afterward and I think she was Natalie Foster. We didn't really meet her, but she seemed nice enough.

Eventually, Mrs. Foster got to come in and play with a bunch of the rental guns in two of the lanes that had been reserved for her (and delaying us from getting in and shooting) Worse, she waited long enough to shoot that had they just let us go in and use the lanes they had reserved for her, we could have been in and out before she ever got around to shooting. Oh well.

As we were leaving, Jon and I joked that being a guest star on a realty TV show on Discovery is about as far from being a celebrity you can get and still get to shoot for free at the local gun range.
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