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For years I've used DNSExit as a freebie DNS provider. No more.

I hadn't used my domain registrar's DNS service for two reasons. First was because of some half-remembered warning about separating domain registration, hosting and DNS, although DNS is probably not an important component of that since if a registrar wants to screw you over they could just change your DNS. Secondly my domain registrar's DNS hosting setup is completely counter-intuitive and it wasn't even entirely clear that it was a service they offered with their registration plans.

Well, today that had to change. Yesterday I started noticing issues with trying to get to, but only from some systems. It seemed there was an intermittent DNS issue somewhere along the lines. When I wasn't even able to access my DNS provider's website, I figured that might be the culprit.

I finally decided to ditch DNSExit entirely and work out how to use my registrar's DNS hosting (which, of course, involves setting your domain to a "parked domain", then modifying the entries from there) and am going to be shut of DNSExit entirely.

Sorry for any downtimes you may or may not have had. I'm still unable to access from work, although I can get through the backup domains.

This might be a good time to remind folks that you can also access through and the awesomely short

Edit: Back up for me.

Also, if you open an administrator command-line prompt and run "ipconfig /flushdns" without the quotes it might help get the new provider up.

Edit 2: Looks like DNSExit is back up again. Apparently they were the victim of a DDOS attack.
We are still under DDOS attack. Everything should work fine now except some network segments may still caching old DNS data. With time, all problem should go away automatically and you should not need to do anything. If you or your customer has problem to use the mail relay, you may try to use IP address or as the outgoing SMTP(mail) server instead of
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