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So far in the previous photos I used a reverse lens technique to blow the image up. To do this, I bought an adapter that screws in to the front of my lens where you'd put a filter and the other end snaps into the camera body. I won't go into the optical reason for this, but flipping the lens around causes it to become essentially a low-power microscope.

Well, when I ordered the cheap reversing ring, I ordered a cheap macro extension tube. The extension tube holds the lens out a measured distance - you've got several that nest together to get whatever specific distance you want - and this (through essentially the same black magic as the reverse lens) gives you a low power microscope. The extension tube arrived Friday and I tried it on its own. It does a nice job, but nothing better than the reversing ring.

Then I stacked them. I reversed the lens and attached it to the end of the extension tube. I have to give it a lot more light (which is to be expected) and the flash doesn't help (again, expected, since when your subject is that close, the lens casts a shadow on it - I need a ring light) but the results were pretty cool. So cool, I'm going to make today a twofer.

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