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I started out by watching the test firing of the paper-based AK video here.

Ha ha, yeah right. Sure, a functioning AK made out of paper and glue. What trickery is this? Real AK parts with some paper wrapped around them? CGI?
Then I started at the beginning.

This guy has done 1911s, Colt SAAs, k98s and others. Without a doubt some of his stuff violates laws in the US, but it is incredible what he does with paper and glue (and a very little bit of metal here and there for springs, ejectors and so forth) is astonishing.

A kid with supplies that for the most part could be found in a given elementary school classroom can build a minimally functional firearm. How can anyone think they can ban guns? I've often heard the argument that banning guns is silly because a small machine shop can turn out submachine guns. With people like this guy in the world, the same could be said about your local Hobby Lobby.

It is absolutely necessary for me to make the following comments:
Watch out, I hear that the BATFEIEIO is going to start considering possession of construction paper to be constructive possession.
If he did it with newspapers, he could build a case for First, Second and Fourth amendment protection. Talk about being secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects!
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