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For the very first time, I'm utilizing the Lightscribe feature that some DVD drives come with these days. My test is a simple text design for a Windows 7 recovery disc. After tinkering with the label designer - which could use some work - I flipped my freshly burned CD over and told it to print the design.

The first thing I noticed was the 16 minute completion time. I was envisioning a 30 second print time, but we're not really dealing with tremendously powerful lasers here. Admittedly, I'm printing on the very highest quality settings, with the darkest contrast available, so I'm sure that has an impact.


Spent some time working on some code and checked back ... still writing.


Okay, finished. The quality isn't bad at all. The default text is really just a very thin outline and not as visible, even on the highest contrast setting. I filled some text with a darker color and it came out very legible and clean. The detail seems quite high, and I can see how the right image - or logo - could look very good on this.

In conclusion, this is a great feature to use for perhaps delivering prettified CDs and DVDs to clients without having to spend a lot of money on custom printed discs and without the chintzy feeling of a sticker label. That said, given the long print cycle, it is probably too time consuming for quick file transfer discs or for things to use around the office.
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