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Anyone paying attention to Indianapolis news has heard about the Greater Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer David Bisard who was allegedly driving drunk on patrol and struck and killed one motorcyclist and severely injured two more.

The investigation came under fire after it turned out that the officers responding to and investigating the accident apparently didn't know how to legally draw blood to prove OWI - because of a minor technicality that I have a feeling would have been quickly dismissed by most judges. So Brizzi dropped the drunk driving charges against Bisard.

No one ever ever drives drunk in Indy, see, so the cops there have innocently forgotten how to do it.

Anyhow, I was watching the local news and during a commercial break there was an anti-OWI ad on. It starts out with a split screen of a guy in a bar, and a police officer. The guy is getting sloshed, the cop is getting ready for patrol. The guy heads out the door to go home, the cop heads out of the station to go on duty. Both men get in their cars and start driving. Slowly the split screen resolves into one and the cop car lights up the drunk driver. The narrator then soberly intones: "If you're out there drinking and driving, remember: We're out there too."

How true.
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