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For our anniversary, Cara bought me a bike and we finally started biking around the neighborhood - something we'd been talking about getting into for quite some time.

Beyond being fun and good exercise I've learned a lot. I'm much more familiar with the street names in areas of my neighborhood and the contiguous 'hoods that I otherwise don't spend much time in. I've found trails (including a relatively secluded wooded trail) and paths that I never knew existed.

Better than the actual trails, I'm starting to get better at riding off road. Sure, there's plenty of room for improvement, but where I used to see impenetrable obstacles (i.e. anything not paved) I now see opportunity. A nearby subdivision has a section of undeveloped land with some small spill-piles and uneven terrain that I've taken to playing on. It gets more fun every time, and I usually end up finding a way to negotiate an area at speed that I previously had to carefully walk my bike through. Fun stuff.

Did I mention it's good exercise? Sure, it's not as intense as running, but it's fun enough that I can actually commit to doing it every day for an hour or so.

All told, an awesome anniversary present. Thanks babe!
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