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On Sunday I was merrily working in the yard. Cara picked out some flowers for around our trees, and we planted them to the great consternation of about fifty kajillion ants. While we were getting mulch and flowers, we decided to pick up a couple of strawberry plants. I had the idea we could plant them along one side of our house, so we thought we'd pick up a couple to see how we liked it. It turned out reasonably well, and was very satisfying to plant something that I will be able to eat at some point. At this point we were pretty much done and I suggested that Cara go inside while I finished up. I figured that I would take some of the sod (... okay, weed-infested but mostly greenish chunks of dirt) I cut out when I was planting the strawberries and fill part of the lawn that has no plant growth whatsoever.

Good idea, poor execution.

I got the first couple chunks transplanted reasonably well, but as I was stomping on the shovel to cut a hole for the third chunk, the shovel hit a rock or something and torqued funny. My back twisted and darn if it didn't start really, really hurting. Figuring it would pass, I went ahead and feebly kicked the sod into place, carefully walked over to the hose and watered the plants we had put down, rolled up the hose, cleaned up the stuff we'd used and came inside. Cara immediately noticed I was hurting and commanded that I be seated while she fetched all manner of heating, cooling and pain-reducing items. She is a lifesaver.

In short, I spent most of my Sunday perpetually trying to find a less painful position. Unfortunately, merely rolling over was an ordeal and getting up took a liberal dose of profanity. I felt a little better Monday, but worked from home and let Cara take good care of me. Today I came in to work and only needed a little help from Cara to get dressed. I'm regretting that decision. I've gone through three office chairs trying to find one that doesn't suck and I'm still on the hunt.

All from a little torqued off shovel.
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