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Shoveling my driveway of 11" of freshly fallen, powdery snow wasn't too bad. Once they sent a plow down our street (for the first time this year!) I had to go back out and clear 24" of heavy, ice-laden snow from the end of the driveway. Then I had to free up the sidewalks of that same 24" of snow. Since I live on a corner lot, I have a lot of sidewalk to clear. Thankfully, my neighbor (whose daughter uses that sidewalk on her way to the bus stop) helped me clear that section.

Of all that, I think the hardest part was clearing the 36"+ of plowed snow from the corner. When you're cutting through that, you just have to take it a few inches at a time and keep at it.

Lots of fun. If I were a kid again, I'd burrow into the mountains of snow around my driveway and damn the consequences.
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