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I've had a number of abortive starts with C# (the programming language, not the typo). Most of my programming experience is with PHP, a related but much more simple language. With PHP I can always trace out the path of the code in my head. Sure, the execution path may jump around through includes, classes, functions and libraries, but it always follows a clear path. Although C# is similar, it has a greater capacity and with that capacity comes some pathways in the code that I'm not used to.

Anyway, I'm starting to wrap my head around it, and I've built a few applications that make life a lot easier.

One thing that I do a lot of in my job is produce maps for customers. Without going into a lot of detail about how those maps are composed, they end up displaying postal geographies where we believe they should market. They are slick as can be, but historically took a significant amount of time to produce. I've put together an application that reads the shape files for the postal geographies and dumps it into an SQL database. I had a PHP application that did this, but it was cumbersome and slow. Similarly, when I'm ready to create a map, I've historically had to go through a rather tedious process and then instructed a PHP file to spit out the results. Now I can just insert a query into my application and it chunks out the map in under a minute.

I know I've just brushed the tip of the iceberg of how this will be beneficial to me, but I'm pretty excited about the progress I've made on it.
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