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Some of you may remember Nate's lucky mailbox.

Yesterday we found out that mine isn't so lucky:

No note, no attempt to contact us ... nothing. The good news is that I know where to buy a replacement box because I took out a mailbox in our neighborhood during an ice storm we had a few weeks ago. The difference is, I immediately informed the owners and paid to have it replaced.

Last night I donned some decent cold-weather gear and using a hammer and manual screwdriver took the entire assembly apart sufficiently that I could knock out the old nails that had been yanked free, and fit things back together without breaking any more wood. Then I reassembled the entire thing and actually did a pretty decent job. It's back up and stable enough to serve until I can get it replaced, although a cursory glance will reveal large chunks of wood missing and some red paint as well as the fact that the whole thing is much more wobbly and weak than it used to be.

Given the way it was hit and the direction of the tracks, I'm reasonably confident I know which group of houses the car was heading toward. When I get a chance I'm going to take a quick walk and see if I can see any red cars with any damage to the front on the passenger side.

(To those of you who want to point out that we own two red cars, one of them was in for body work until 5:45pm yesterday and had been there since Tuesday, and the other was with me at work until 5:00pm and has no damage consistent with what was done to the box. The only car at home was a tan colored rental car which was returned without a scratch on it.)
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