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This trick starts with Criss climbing out of a manhole. He pulls himself out and drags the obviously heavy metal cover back over the hole.

Ooops! Looks like he scratched the pavement to the left of the manhole when he pulled the cover back over.

He kicks the cover the rest of the way into place.

Criss then starts complaining about his back. He tells one of his crew that he needs a massage and tries to walk out the pain. The cameraman follows him.

Finally, he comes back toward the manhole, sits back down and rolls the entire thing up leaving only a blank piece of asphalt. Here's a shot of him getting ready to roll it up.

Notice anything? Notice anything missing?

Watch it yourself here. (This one was posted by someone else who figured out the trick.)

That's right ... the scratches he made when he dragged the cover back over the hole are gone. This is another simple trick.

Criss climbs out of a real manhole and replaces the cover. Once that is done, he walks around complaining of back trouble and as he and the cameraman are walking about, another member of the crew slaps a vinyl manhole cover down in a slightly different position than the real cover. Then he walks back toward the fake manhole cover and he can roll it up without effort and the camera doesn't catch the fact that the real manhole is a few feet away.
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