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I caught an episode of Chris Angel's Mindfreak last night. Some of his stunts are impressive and there were a few I couldn't figure out at all. While I'm certainly no expert when it comes to tricks and slight of hand, I did catch him out a few times

One of his tricks involved having an audience member sign a quarter with a marker. Chris then swallowed it. After a moment it appeared the quarter was sliding down the inside of his left forearm just underneath the skin. Chris pulls a box cutter, slices the skin above the quarter and pulls it from his arm. A video of the trick can be found here.

I've got no clue how he does the trick as it looks very much like the coin is moving under the skin, and it does look like his skin and arm, but I did notice something while I was watching. When the lady signs the quarter, he shows it to the camera, and when he pulls the coin out he shows it again to demonstrate that it indeed has the same initials on it. When you look at the coins together, however, you can see that the letters aren't identical.

This is the coin prior to swallowing.

This is the coin after it is cut out of his arm.

I think there is a coin substitution at some point. Even so, it's a neat gimmick.

Update: Cara and I watched a longer version of the video last night. Apparently he asked the girl to sign both sides of the coin. Looks like I missed that the first time around.
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