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Prior to yesterday, all I knew about carburetors is that they somehow mixed gas and air for the engine to burn. I knew it had something to do with squirting gas through a nozzle in order to atomize it and ... well ... that's about it.

I may not have a perfect concept of it now, but I have the basics. At least, I understand what mine is not doing.

The carb that CJ rebuilt for me halfway works. If you manually force gasoline into the internal reservoir, it will run just fine for a few minutes. The problem is, the float mechanism that controls when gas comes into the carb and when the flow is cut off just isn't working. When you drop the bowl of the reservoir and the float flops down, gas flows freely. The float doesn't seem to contact the sides of the bowl (of course, that's hard to measure too), but when you lift the bowl onto the carb, somehow the fuel just doesn't flow. We tried adjusting the float tab which inevitably led to either too much gas (i.e. pouring from the overflow tube) or no gas whatsoever.

I'm going to have to price new floats, but I don't think they're too expensive.

I found a neat idea that if you hook up a length of clear gas line to the overflow port, open the drain valve on the bottom and curve the tube up, you should be able to see the gas level in the reservoir.

Also, specific parts are hard to find for this bike.
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