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Jackson mentioned something about wanting to donate money to help keep going. We've had a few offers to donate in the past, usually following a major outage like we experienced earlier this month.

Under ordinary circumstances, my expenses for the server are minimal, thanks to rack space provided by these fine folks. However, I am looking at conducting an equipment upgrade to get out of 10+ year old hardware and into something a little more robust.

That being said, for the first time in the six or so years that I've been running this website, I'm going to accept donations for the express purpose of upgrading the server to a new machine. I foresee my total out-of-pocket costs being somewhere around $300 for the whole shooting match. We're around $92 raised since I started the Google ads (I don't get paid until I hit $100), so if I hit my target there we'll be down to $200.

Anyone interested in donating specifically to the server upgrade fund, please contact me directly either using the forum mail (or the Contact Administrator link - just remember to include contact information) or by email and we'll work something out.

Let me also say that this is not going to be a regular occurrence. I don't run this site to make money, and I don't expect my users to pay to access it. In fact, I only considered it because Jackson asked me to. If you can't or don't want to contribute - please don't! I'm definitely not suffering and this certainly isn't an emergency.
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