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The typos in the article are all courtesy of Reuters:
British officials paids[sic] a psychic to exorcise a supposed poltergeist from state housing after the distressed occupants said otherwise they would leave and become homeless, a council official said on Tuesday.

Let's play a little game. It's called "How should you respond to ..."

Players, take your mark.

How should you respond to someone who tells you that they want you to pay half for their state provided housing to be ghostbusted by a psychic or they're going to leave and become homeless?

a. "Certainly! No problem, sir/ma'am! Does Mistress Cloe say you should live in a five star hotel while your home is being cleansed?"
b. "So? Do you need a refrigerator box or something?"
c. "Fantastic! I'm a ghostbuster myself. Slip me a fiver and I'll take care of it for you while you sleep."
d. "It is most gratifying that your enthusiasm for state provided housing continues unabated, and so we would like to assure you that the guided missiles currently converging with your home are part of a special service we extend to all of our most enthusiastic clients, and the fully armed nuclear warheads are of course merely a courtesy detail. We look forward to your custom in future lives..."
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